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104 - Murder Nurse as Pscyho

Show schedule!  Victoria Belmont will be performing with Brunswick Basement Burlesque on Wedesnday, July 24, at the Courtyard Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ.  Also, on August 3, House of Minerva presents Burlesque on Main, All-Nerd Review!  Check that out in Emmaus, PA.

And of course, Otakon 2013!  This week, we reveal the second group of performers who will shake it down by the Harbor.

This week!  Our favorite tiny blonde homicidal healthcare worker brings a new level of energy to Cosplay Burlesque.  Murder Nurse shows us what it means to skip a therapy session as a Psycho - one of Pandora's fine purveyor of melees.

Music:  "Cray Button" by Family Force 5, from album iii.V.

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