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111 - AnimeUSA 2013 Saturday Recap

Show Schedule:

9/28 - White Elephant Burlesque 7th Anniversary Celebration at ATC Studios

9/29 - NYCC Pre-Party Steampunk & Cosplay Shoot-out at Roxy & Dukes

10/3 - Dr. Sketchy's Zombie Sketchy at Asbury Lanes

10/4 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque's Holly Ween's Horror Fest 2 at Millhill Basement

10/5 - Looking Glass Revue's Hallow-Wicked on Main at Lee Gribben's on Main

This week on the podcast - we recap the Saturday night show AnimeUSA 2013.  Who killed Mr. E?  It's a total mystery!  (hur hur, get it?)

Music:  "Stormy Clouds (Raindrop Mix)" by DJ Krush with Ken Shima, from the album: Stepping Stones:  The Self-Remixed Best

Music:  "You Can Be The Boss" by Lana Del Rey, available on Youtube.

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