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113 - Murder Nurse & Mr. E as Jill Valentine & Albert Wesker

Show Schedule:

Oct 12 - Woodbridge Ghost Walk; Woodbridge, NJ (ft. Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween)

Oct 12 - International Steampunk City at Speedwell; Morristown, NJ (ft. White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Oct 14 - Punk Rockin' & Pasty Poppin'; Midway Cafe in Boston, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 17 - Paws & Bras Benefit; Oberon in Cambridge, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 19 - Boolesque at PA Playhouse; Bethlehem, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 20 - Halloween Party by NJ Shutter Group; Mojo Lounge (ft. Holly Ween and Esmerelda May

Oct 21 - Lewd & Lucky Burlesque; Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - it's getting cold outside, so let's turn up the heat!  Sometimes, it's hard to tell who's the puppet, and who's pulling the strings.  Murder Nurse and Mr. E crank up the tension as each other's arch-nemesis - Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker!

Music:  "Pleasant Nightmare" by Danny Blu, from the album Do Your Worst, avaiable on iTunes and

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