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123 - Murder Nurse as Clover from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Show Schedule:

Katsucon 20:  Feb 14 - 16, National Harbor, MD - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

Brunswick Basement Burlesque: Anti-Valentine's Day.  Feb 14, 9:30pm, Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ.

Wicked Faire 2014:  Feb 21 - 23, Somerset, NJ.  (Members of Cosplay Burlesque will perform with the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast - Your favorite homicidal healthcare worker (thanks Obama!) is back with another amazing video game cosplay act.  Murder Nurse is everyone's favorite bipolar, cryostasis-held Nonary Game participant - Clover Field!

Song:  "Be My Escape" by Relient K, from the album Mmhmm

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