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141 - 2015 Zenkaicon Recap

After a prolonged absence, the Cosplay Burlesque Podcast is BACK!  That's right - weekly updates once again featuring your favorite cute, sexy, and absolutely drool-worthy nerdy burlesquers.  

This is the best thing since sliced bread.  One might even say this IS sliced bread.  And they'd be wrong.  'Cuz this is BETTER.

Our Final Fantasy fundraiser is up and running!  Currently featuring the following two LIMITED EDITION, ONE-TIME ONLY prints!
 - Raurenu as Miles Edgeworth - Available through April 27!
 - Mei Mei Hero Kitten in "Seduction in Sakura" - Available through May 4!
 - We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!

If you want these prints, you have to BUY THEM NOW.  Because once the fundraiser is over, they won't be available ANYWHERE.  

All proceeds to go to fund the amazing Final Fantasy show that we've planned for AnimeNext 2015.  If you can't make it to ANext, we will be taking certain acts and costumes on the road to other cons, so you'll still get to see the madness!

Back to the podcast!  This week - we recap our favorite rural Pennsylvania convention - Zenkaicon 2015!  Featuring Murder Nurse, Esmerelda May, Mr. E., Allen Ryde, Cherry Valentine, and dauntless taskmaster Holly Ween!  Hosted by Uncle Yo, and kittened by Triple Jay and his manly assistant.  

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