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147 - Murder Nurse as Sonia

It's time to stay at the


It's time to play at the 


Okay, that one was the worst yet.  Dr. A/Vsian might be off his meds again.

For the final fundraiser update, we have THREE new prints:
- Murder Nurse as "Rikku"
- Cherry Valentine as "Poison Ivy"
- Oliver Swisskey & Triple Jay in "Crowley"

And don't forget last week's prints!
- Holly Ween as "Velma Dinkley"
- Allen Ryde as "Irvine Kinneas"

The various collections (COMPLETE, GENTS, and LADIES) are still available for incredible savings!

This week on the podcast - forget those princesses located in other castles.  Murder Nurse is the ultimate princess as Sonia Nevermind from Dangan Ronpa!

Music: "Animal" (by Neon Trees) as performed by Chase Holfelder.  

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