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82- Nana Valtiel as X-23

Upcoming shows!  

Fonda Feeling - Mistress of Geek Girls Boston Burlesque - will Ruin Your Childhood on Feb. 7 at Oberon in Cambridge, MA!

The whole Cosplay Burlesque troupe will shake their things at their Katsucon debut on Friday, Feb. 15!

That same weekend, check out CPB's very good friends the White Elephant Burlesque Society at Wicked Faire 2013 in Somerset, NJ!

And finally, come watch Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont perform both nights at the PA Burlesque Festival in Philly on Mar. 8 - 9 as her alter ego - Holly Ween!

On to the show!  This week, Nana Valtiel shows us her soft, cuddly side as Marvel's most gentle, loving, adamantium-enhanced assassin - X-23!

Music:  "Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback, from the album Dark Horse.

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