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85 - Introducing Amy Macabre as "Ash Ketchum"

Shows!  Look for Cosplay Burlesque at Zenkaikon (March 22 - 24 in Lancaster, PA) and for CPB performers at the PA Burlesque Festival (March 9 - 10 in Philly) and The Twisted World's Divine Decadence (April 26 - 28 in Somerset, NJ).

This week - we introduce a new performer to CPB's ranks!  Welcome the bubbly and oh-so-comely Amy Macabre as she catches the little monsters in our "pockets" as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!

Music:  "Ass & Titties" by DJ Assault, album Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Music:  "Pokemon Theme" and "2.B.A. Master," album Pokemon: 2.B.A. Master

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