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92 - How To Burlesque Part 2 - Audience Participation

In just two more weekends, Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) and Esmerelda May will be performing with WEBS at The Twisted World: Divine Decadence in Somerset, NJ, April 26 - 28.  It will be like an adult playground - there might even be a ball pit!

This week - the dramatic conclusion to epic started last week!  The "How To Burlesque Panel" concludes with Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Allen Ryde, and Esmerelda May using Mr. E as a "man-prop" and then handing him off to some eager students.  It's "How To Burlesque Part 2 - Audience Participation Harder"!

Music:  "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert, from the album For Your Entertainment

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