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Bonus Halloween Episode - Holly Ween as Carrie White

This week, we have a special bonus episode for all of you Halloweenies out there!

I'm not saying that Victoria Belmont hears voices in her head...but she frequently has the urge to do acts based on horror movies, and when she does, she morphs into the incomparable Holly Ween, Mistress of All That Is Horror With Boobs. 

Holly chose to debut her Carrie act at the "Say My Name" Benefit for Aaron Haro, a transgender man who was fired for dubious reasons related to his sexual identity.  If you'd like to contribute to this cause, please contact the co-producers of this event, Geek Girl Productions and White Elephant Burlesque Society.

Music:  "Heads Will Roll" by Marion Raven, from the album Set Me Free.

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