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Episode 14 - Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy as the Umbrella Corporation

This week, Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy give us a great demonstration of Umbrella Corporation's latest domestic product - Nemesis, Special Homemaker's Edition!

Umbrella Corporation is a company whose name you can obviously trust.  Why, their Regenerate product line has kept this Dr. A/Vsian looking decades younger than his 90+ years on this planet.  Or maybe it's the green tea and Asian genes.  Whatever the case, you can be sure that I'll be in line for a Nemesis - it's gotta work better than my Roomba.

Music:  "Umbrella," as performed by Vanilla Sky, from the album Changes (Import Edition only)

Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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