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Episode 22 - Little Miss Rollerhoops as Daria

New in the store this week:  plush boobies pillows with pasties! You can fondle and squeeze these all you want, and security won't stomp your face in for it!

It's no secret that I like Christmas.  I like the presents, the goodwill towards men, the Charlie Brown specials, etc.  But that's because I, y'know, care and stuff.

Our performer tonight likes Christmas, too...only not because she cares.  No, she likes Christmas because it's a chance for her whole family to do something together...something that'll really make 'em suffer.  (smirk)

Little Miss Rollerhoops makes her Cosplay Burlesque debut this week as the most apathetic angel around, Daria.  (Note the period.  Exclamation points are for people who get excited. Period.)

Music:  "People Are Strange" by The Doors, from the album Strange Days.

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