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Episode 23 - The Podcast Year In Review 2011

Faithful viewers - what a helluva ride 2011 was.  We launched the podcast and the store, and despite any hiccups, things have gone pretty darned smoothly.

We have viewers from nearly every nation in the world - including a core group of Dog Fort & Red Lobster fans from Singapore!  Every continent and culture boasts Cosplay Burlesque fans.  From Hong Kong to Sweden to Venezuela to Kuwait to our loyal fans in Mexico...Cosplay Burlesque has a global following!

For our last podcast of 2011, we're doing a "year in review."  One of the two shows at AnimeUSA had a "Best Of" theme, where our performers broke out their own personal and audience favorites.  We thought it would be fun to show you how acts can vary between shows - the venues, audience energy, and whims of the performers change every time, so that no two shows are identical.  

We've got Fearless Leader's Velma, The Real Nuriko's Princess Peach (never shown as a podcast before, but a staple at several shows), and Murder Nurse & Lil' Nemmy's Umbrella Corporation acts.  

Thanks for all of the support, you guys - we'll see you next year with new acts, new shows, and new and beloved performers! 

Victoria's Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

Nuriko's Music:  "Ode to the Bouncer" by Studio Killers.

Murder Nurse's Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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