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Episode 24 - Fonda Feeling as Poison Ivy

Happy 2012, faithful viewers!  Less than a year away 'till the end of the world...unless the supervillians have their way.

Now we all know who has the best villians - The Goddamn Batman, that's who.  His Rogue's Gallery is chock-full of the most awesome, messed-up psychos to ever rob a bank or heist some jewels.  

Batman is also has the most wood-inspiring bad guys, and I'm not talking about Woodrue.  Naw, if there's any villian guaranteed to give 'em a "green thumb" (har har), it's the lovely, the luscious Poison Ivy.  

This week, Fonda Feeling shows us just how to open her petals in a Cosplay Burlesque performance in her hometown of Boston.  Besides Cosplay Burlesque performances, you can also see Fonda heading up the Boston branch of Geek Girl Productions.  Check them out this coming February 2 at Oberon for their Space Case show!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

P.S. - Hello to all of our new fans in Kuwait!

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