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Episode 32 - Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween + MangaNext 2012 Revue

MangaNext 2012!  What can I say - it's a young show but a great one!  Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, DJ Nak, Allen Ryde, Kriv Scrivello, The Real Nuriko, Esmerelda Athena May, Fonda Feeling, Regina Stargazer, Leo Arcanum, and amazing newcomer Sunny Flowers all did marvelous!   This week's episode includes a brief revue of the show - full-length videos coming soon!

If you missed MangaNext 2012 last weekend, never fear!  We'll be at I-Con 2012 at the end of March (SUNY Stonybrook) and AnimeNext 2012 in June!  

Plus, some of the lovely ladies of Cosplay Burlesque will be featured in Geek Girl Productions 3rd Annual Comic Book show!

On to this week's main event - as some of you know, there's some serious overlap between Cosplay Burlesque and New Jersey's own infamous White Elephant Burlesque Society.  Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont performs with WEBS as Holly Ween.  This week, we see the harder, more dominant side of Victoria/Holly as she does her turn in Military Fashion Show!

Music:  "Military Fashion Show" by And One, from the album Bodypop