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Episode 34 - Regina Stargazer as The Fisherman's Wife

If you're in NYC this coming Tuesday, you should definitely check out Geek Girl Production's Annual Comic Book Show (Issue #3)!  Founded by our very own Lo Hung, GGP's annual extraveganza of sequential tarts (har har) include Cosplay Burlesque performers Scarlet Stepford, Leo Arcanum, and Murder Nurse, along with city cutie Emmy Electric!  10pm, Tuesday March 13, at the Bowery Poetry Club!

For this week's episode, we delve into serious art.  I'm talking high culture, people.  You're all familiar with The Great Wave Over Kanagawa?  Well, the artist, Hokusai, didn't limit himself to landscapes and nature scenes.  You see, he was also concerned with the great societal issues of the day - like cephalophilia.  Even back in the 1800's, tentacle-on-woman action was already a thing.  Japan is such a progressive country.

Our very own Regina Stargazer (you might also know her from her many personae with the White Elephant Burlesque Society) brings this classic woodcut to life this week as The Fisherman's Wife

Music:  "I Am One" by Javier Calderon, from the soundtrack to The Fashionistas (link VERY NSFW) (available in the deluxe DVD box set from Evil Angel Video)

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