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Episode 35 - Kriv Scrivello as Naota Nandaba from "FLCL"

Nerds, astronauts, and other affiliated types of geek - come out to ICON31 in two weekends!  Cosplay Burlesque will be performing Friday, March 30, at our second official show of the year!  This year, we've got the big auditorium, so come check out an even bigger show than before!  In past years at ICON, an incredible science fiction con, there have been zombie acts, Buffy acts, Final Fantasy acts, Little Shop of Horror acts...even a Simpsons act!  The shows just keep getting bigger at ICON!  Come on out to the SUNY Stonybrook Campus on Long Island and check it out!

Now, for the main event...rock n' roll, robots, aliens, and a healthy dose of television.  No, it's not a B-movie marathon...and it's not a recipe for raising children to be flabby and socially's FLCL!  Kriv Scrivello jams out on a totally boss Rickenbacker and lends his sexy, sexy head to channel Naoto Nandaba!

Music:  "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, from the album Whatever.

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