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Episode 36 - Sunny Flowers as C.C. from "Code Geass"

Hey all you sci-fi nerds!  Want to see Cosplay Burlesque do some acts tailored specifically for your type of fandom?  Then come on out to ICON 31 at SUNY Stonybrook this weekend!  That's right - CPB's second official show of the year will be in Ronkonkoma, Long Island Friday, March 30, to shake it and make it JUST FOR YOU!  Check out this week's episode for a full roster preview of the acts - there's some Zim, some Firefly, and some Dr. Who action coming your way, plus a whole lotta other stuff that's guaranteed to eject your warp core!

Now, for this week's act...Sunny Flowers is a new addition to the Cosplay Burlesque ranks, and what an impressive debut!  Her slow, burning interpretation of an immortal who can bestow mysterious powers is simply...well, let's say it left this editor sweating, and it wasn't the March weather that did it.  Help us welcome Sunny to Cosplay Burlesque, and enjoy her as C.C. from Code Geass!

Music:  "Sail" by AWOLNATION, from the album Megalithic Symphony.

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