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Episode 46 - Kriv Scrivello as Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead"

Just a reminder, AnimeNext 2012 is next week!  CPB will be putting on their BAS (that's "Big Annual Show") on Friday, June 8, at 11pm in the Garden State Exhibit Center!  AnimeNext is always a lot of fun, and we're always excited to bring to your our biggest and most ambitious shows to our home con and audience!

If you want t-shirts and posters, make sure to catch us after the show!  We'll have some merchandise there for your buying pleasure!

Now, onto this week's episode.  There's always that one character that you hate!  This week, Kriv Scrivello brings us bad attitude and swagger as The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon!

Music:  "Sonne Undone" by Rammstein and Korn, mashup by WickedBoy6, available at

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