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Very Special Episode 3 - Intervention 2011 Recap

So we spent the weekend in lovely Rockville, MD.  Rockville has an Arby's, a Papa Johns, a Verizon store, and some of the best damned Chinese food this A/Vsian has eaten on this side of the Pacific.

And oh yeah - Intervention 2011.  Rockville has Intervention 2011.

You can't really find two conventions more different from each other.  Otakon is massive; Intervention is intimate.  Otakon is very commercial; Intervention is artist-centric.  Otakon is in Maryland; Intervention is...oh wait, never mind.

Whatever the case, there is one thing that both conventions have - great audiences!  As was the case last year, all of Intervention packed itself into the performance room Saturday night for our second annual performance there.

Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Allen Ryde, Moxie Cat, Esmerelda Athena May, Leo Arcanum, and DJ Nak all shook their things, along with special guest Nemesis.  Uncle Yo kept it hostfully geeky with pitch-perfect snark.  

We had a great time in Rockville.  Intervention, please invite us back for 2012?  We promise to make the end times sexy!

(....and seriously, what the fuck is a Brony?  Intertubes, explain this to me!)

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