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Episode 9 - AnimeBoston 2011 - Victoria Belmont as Lulu

Special back-to-school midweek treat!  Bonus boobs!  Woot!

Victoria Belmont weaves her black magic and shows us her Moogles as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.  (Or is that 10?  Maybe XXX?  No, that would be "30," idiot.)

If you're in the DC/Rockville, MD this weekend, we'll be performing at Intervention, The Internet Culture Convention!  Fan favorites Victoria BelmontMurder NurseAllen RydeLeo Arcanum, and DJ Nak will be there, along with new performers Esmerelda May and Moxie Cat, plus awesomehost Uncle Yo! 

We have a table in the dealers room where you can come score some sweet merch (pasties ain't free, you know!) and meet the performers, get autographs, take pix, get a sketch, etc.  

Our good friends Dani and Bill from All New Issues will be at the table, too - so come get an awesome sketch!

The show is Saturday night, September 17, at 8pm in the Performance Room.  Come check it out!

Music:  "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen"  by Santana, from the album Abraxas.

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