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61 - Very Special Episode - WEBS Tribute to Lady Gaga

Hey all you Burlesque-a-teers!  (Burlesquers?  Burlesqueheads?)  Just a reminder that Intervention (The Internet Culture Convention) is in two weekends!  Come check out our show and hang out with us in the dealer's room!

This week, we showcase our very dear friends, The White Elephant Burlesque Society.  This particular performance was commissioned by Rutgers University BiGLARU as part of their "Gaga for Gaga" charity event in 2010.  WEBS founder Viktor Devonne and WEBS regulars Regina Stargazer and Holly Ween (aka CPB's very own Victoria Belmont) all presented their interpretations of Lady Gaga's madness.  It was - in a word - fabulous.  

Music:  "Poker Face," from the album The Fame; and "Bad Romance" and "Monster" from the album The Fame Monster.

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