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62 - Geek Girl Productions Comics Show (Issue 3)

If you're coming to Intervention (the Internet Culture Convention) in the Washington, DC area, our show has been scheduled for 8pm on Friday, September 21.  Performing this time around are:

Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Esmerelda Athena May, Leo Arcanum, Allen Ryde, and CPB first-timer, Cherry!

This week, we feature our sister troupe, Geek Girl Productions!  Founded by CPB stud Chris Lee (aka Lo Hung), the girls of GGP performed their third annual Comic Book Show earlier in 2012.  We've decided to shake things up and have them play 20 Questions backstage.  Think fast!

Featuring:  Scarlet Stepford, Emmy Electric, Murder Nurse, and Leo Arcanum.

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