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145 - Mr. E as Leon Kennedy





(Okay, so there wasn't a course for cheerleading where I went to college)

This week's sexy peeps are:
  - Esmerelda May as the dangerously curvy "Mad Moxxi"
  - Mr. E as the perfectly princely "Tamaki Suoh"

The following prints are in their final sale week:
  - Mitsuki as "Rias Gremory"
  - Manly McBeardface as "Snow Villiers"

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!   

This week - Mr. E leaves us with rigor mortis (IN OUR PANTS) as Leon Kennedy!

Music:  "Zombie Song" by Stephanie Mabey, from the album Wake Up Dreaming

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