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115 - The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette

Oct 25 - Boogie Down & Take It OffOrtlieb's, Philadelphia, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 30 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque Attic Extraveganza; New Brunswick, NJ (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 1 - Karnevil's Carnival In The Graveyard; McCoole's Red Lion Inn, Quakertown, PA (ft. Arson & Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - as we approach Halloween, it's time to look at some serious costume work.  Of all the recent shows, the most elaborate costume - and the most fabulous act - belongs to our resident drag queen.  It's The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette (from the series ACTUAL HISTORY FROM THE REAL WORLD READ A FREAKIN' BOOK PLEASE).

Music:  "Vogue" by Madonna, from the album I'm Breathless

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