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157 - CHOCOBOS! ft. The Real Nuriko


This week on the podcast - we feature a very special GROUP ACT!  Choreographed by the fabulous Vivi Noir, and performed by the choreographer herself, Mika Romantic, Raurenu, Esmerelda May, Cherry Valentine, and Holly Ween, this was truly a dream come true for the troupe - and the audience!

Featuring a very special second part by The Real Nuriko!

Music:  "Chocobo Jam" by Nobuo Uematsu from the FFX OST

Music:  "Malambo No 1" by Yma Sumac, from the album Mambo! (World)

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156 - AnimeNext 2015 Allen Ryde as Kars

Special bonus episode this week! Allen Ryde wishes to conquer the sun and rule over all as Kars from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

Music: "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry from the album Prism

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155 - AnimeNext 2015 Esmerelda May as Morrigan

This week on the podcast - Esmerelda May gets classic as Morrigan from Darkstalkers!

Music:  "Purple Wail" by Red Prysok from the album Swingsation

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154 - AnimeNext 2015 Oliver Swisskey as Castiel

This week on the podcast - Oliver Swisskey as Castiel, as we continue our AnimeNext 2015 recap!

Music: "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls, from the album Dizzy Up The Girl

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153 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 5 - Mitsuki as Tifa Lockhart

We love big butts and big boobs and beautiful women who kick it's perfect that we have Mitsuki performing as Tifa Lockhart, from AnimeNext 2015!

Music: "Unbreakable" by Fireflight, from the album Unbreakable

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151 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 3 - Triple Jay as Fighter McWarrior

You know what's better than one sword?  That's right - a ginger taking his clothes off while he shows us his sword-chuck skillz.  It's Triple Jay as that most enlightened of swordsmen - Fighter McWarrior!

Music: "I Like Swords" by Aaron Stoliker, from the album Pants Optional.  Availability unknown (check with Aaron).

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150 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 2 - Murder Nurse as Rikku

Next up in our continuing, epic AnimeNext 2015 series - Murder Nurse as Rikku!

Music: "The Boys" by Girl Generation, from the album The Boys

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149 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 1 - YRP

We begin our AnimeNext 2015 Final Fantasy series with a bang!  What better way to kick off such a show. It's YRP, and Cosplay Burlesque brought it to New Jersey live!

Featuring Raurenu as Yuna; asissts from Murder Nurse as Rikku and Esmerelda May as Paine; with backup dancing from Oliver Swisskey, Mitsuki, Holly WeenLilith Oya, Vivi Noir, Cherry Valentine, and Doe Eyes!

Music: "Real Emotion" (English edition) as performed by Sweetbox, from the album Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission OST, available at and

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147 - Murder Nurse as Sonia

It's time to stay at the


It's time to play at the 


Okay, that one was the worst yet.  Dr. A/Vsian might be off his meds again.

For the final fundraiser update, we have THREE new prints:
- Murder Nurse as "Rikku"
- Cherry Valentine as "Poison Ivy"
- Oliver Swisskey & Triple Jay in "Crowley"

And don't forget last week's prints!
- Holly Ween as "Velma Dinkley"
- Allen Ryde as "Irvine Kinneas"

The various collections (COMPLETE, GENTS, and LADIES) are still available for incredible savings!

This week on the podcast - forget those princesses located in other castles.  Murder Nurse is the ultimate princess as Sonia Nevermind from Dangan Ronpa!

Music: "Animal" (by Neon Trees) as performed by Chase Holfelder.  

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146 - Esmerelda May & Allen Ryde DOUBLE FEATURE





(ahem. I used to have dignity.)

This week's lovely prints are:
  - Fearless Leader Holly Ween as the intrepidly sexy Velma Dinkley
  - Asian Cowboy Allen Ryde as the dashingly pantsless Irvine Kinneas

The following prints are in their final week of availability:
 - Esmerelda May as the dangerously curvy "Mad Moxxi"
 - Mr. E as the perfectly princely "Tamaki Suoh"

The various collections (COMPLETE, GENTS, and LADIES) are still available for incredible savings!

This week on the podcast - we have a double feature!  

First - we always knew that Esmerelda May was sexy - but she achieves demonic levels of sexiness as Morrigan from Darkstalkers!

Next - Allen Ryde shows off his kinkier side as he explains just what reading 50 Shades of Grey does to him!

Music:  "Purple Wail" as performed by Red Prysock, from Tease! The Beat of Burlesque

Music: a mashup of College Humor's rendition of the 50 Shades Audiobook (read by Gilbert Gottfried) and "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, from the album ...Baby One More Time.

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145 - Mr. E as Leon Kennedy





(Okay, so there wasn't a course for cheerleading where I went to college)

This week's sexy peeps are:
  - Esmerelda May as the dangerously curvy "Mad Moxxi"
  - Mr. E as the perfectly princely "Tamaki Suoh"

The following prints are in their final sale week:
  - Mitsuki as "Rias Gremory"
  - Manly McBeardface as "Snow Villiers"

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!   

This week - Mr. E leaves us with rigor mortis (IN OUR PANTS) as Leon Kennedy!

Music:  "Zombie Song" by Stephanie Mabey, from the album Wake Up Dreaming

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144 - Mitsuki as Rias Gremory

Fundraiser update!

Fundraiser Update!


(We like to be subtle here at Cosplay Burlesque. That's why we have all the glitter and rhinestones.)

This week's new lovelies are:
 - Mitsuki as the devilishly delightful "Rias Gremory"!  
 - Manly McBeardface stepping into the spotlight as the very manly "Snow Villiers"!

These two prints are in their final week of availability:
 - Nana Valtiel as "Aquarius" - Available through May 17
 - Oliver Swisskey as "Superboy" - Available through May 19

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!   

This week on the podcast - in honor of her print run starting, we feature the demonically delicious Mitsuki as Rias Gremory!

Music:  "Trip - Innocent of D -" by Larval Stage Planning.  CD available at

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143 - Holly Ween as Elsa

The fundraiser continues!  New prints announced every Monday and Wednesday!







- Mika Romantic as "Tifa Lockhart" - Available through May 10  <-- ALMOST GONE
- Triple Jay as "The Doctor" - Available through May 12  <-- FINAL WEEK
- Nana Valtiel as "Aquarius" - Available through May 17
- Oliver Swisskey as "Superboy" - Available through May 19

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!   

This week on the podcast - it's impossible to remain cold when troupe leader Holly Ween heats up the stage as Elsa!

Music:  "Frozen" by Madonna, from the album Ray of Light

Direct download: 143_-_Holly_Ween_as_Elsa.m4v
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142 - Gotham City Sirens

Final Fantasy fundraiser update!  Currently featuring the following three LIMITED EDITION, ONE-TIME ONLY prints!

  - Mei Mei Hero Kitten in "Seduction in Sakura" - Available through May 4
  - Mika Romantic as "Tifa Lockhart" - Available through May 10
  - Triple Jay as "The Doctor" - Available through May 12

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!

And just a reminder - these limited edition prints are only available during the fundraiser.  Once it's over, they won't be available ANYWHERE.  

All proceeds to go to fund the amazing Final Fantasy show that we've planned for AnimeNext 2015.  If you can't make it to ANext, we will be taking certain acts and costumes on the road to other cons, so you'll still get to see the madness!

This week on the podcast - what do you get when you mix three genuine burlesque powerhouses with the sexiest rogues in comics history?  You get Esmerelda May, Cherry Valentine, and Holly Ween as the GOTHAM CITY SIRENS!

Music:  "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj, from the album Sweet Talker

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138 - Allen Ryde as Matsuoka Rin

Show Schedule:

- Aug 15:  Faerie Tale at Club Orpheus, Baltimore, MD (ft. Allen Ryde)

- Aug 16:  Essence of Vaudeville, Looking Glass Revue, Boonton, NJ (ft. Mika Romantic)

- Aug 16: White Elephant Burlesque Society - Clifton, NJ (ft. Holly Ween & Esmerelda May)

- Aug 22 - 24: Saikoucon - Breinigsville, PA (official CPB Show)

This week on the podcast - if you've ever felt the urge - no, the NEED - to dip your toe into our resident pretty-boys, then get ready to towel yourself off.  This week, Allen Ryde demonstrates his dexterity at getting you ALL WET as Mitsuoka Rin!

Music:  "Dive In" by Trey Songz, from the album Chapter V

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137 - Mika Romantic as Yuna

Show Schedule:

- Aug 2: Liberty City Kings - Philadelphia, PA

- Aug 8: Looking Glass Revue - Quakerstown, PA

- Aug 9: D20 Burlesque - New York City

- Aug 16: White Elephant Burlesque Society - Clifton, NJ

- Aug 22 - 24: Saikoucon - Breinigsville, PA

This week on the podcast - Pennsylvania beauty Mika Romantic is feeling melancholy.  To cheer up, she does a little dance and summons the Nirvana into our pants as Yuna from Final Fantasy X!

Music:  "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey, album Born To Die

Direct download: 137_-_Mika_Romantic_as_Yuna.m4v
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136 - Utena Shadow Girl ft. The Ladies of Cosplay Burlesque

Show Schedule:

- Looking Glass Revue:  July 17, Broadway Social, Bethlehem, PA

- Brunswick Basement Burlesque:  July 25, The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ

- Saikoucon:  August 22 - 24, Breinigsville, PA - OFFICIAL COSPLAY BURLESQUE SHOW!

This week on the podcast - I wonder how we got so many freakin' hotties on stage at once for this act.  The fire marshal is supposed to shut down fire hazards, right?  The Ladies of Cosplay Burlesque present The Shadow Girl from Revolutionary Girl Utena!

featuring Holly Ween as the Shadow Girl, backed up by Melodic Suki, Mika Romantic, Esmerelda May, Fonda Feeling, and Cherry E. Valentine.

Music:  "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benetar, from the album Get Nervous, available from Amazon and iTunes

Direct download: 136_-_AnimeNext_Utena_Shadow_Girl.m4v
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134 - Allen Ryde as Harry Potter

Show Schedule:  

June 6 - 8:  AnimeNext 2014, Somerset, NJ - OFFICIAL COSPLAY BURLESQUE SHOW!

We have some exciting developments at the Cosplay Burlesque store and fundraising updates coming soon!  Keep your eye on Facebook!

This week on the podcast:  Allen Ryde casts a spell on the audience as he twirls his - ahem - WAND around as everyone's favorite teenaged orphaned wizard - Harry Potter!

Music: "Magic" by B.o.B., from the album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray


Direct download: 134_-_Allen_Ryde_as_Harry_Potter.m4v
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131 - Nana Valtiel as Minene

Show Schedule:
- Looking Glass Revue's Lulu's Spring: April 10, Allentown, PA
- Brunswick Basement Burlesque - Vaudeville: April 24, New Brunswick, NJ
Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast:  I'm not sure how doing a chairdance was supposed to help her avoid defeat, but okay, I'm down.  Nana Valtiel straps on her eyepatch and consults her Future Diary for the best escape routes as Minene!

Music:  "Hit Me Like A Man" by The Pretty Reckless, from the EP Hit Me Like A Man

Direct download: 131_-_Nana_Valtiel_as_Minene.m4v
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130 - Esmerelda May as Angewomon

Show Schedule:  


 - Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast - she may be a (digital) monster but she's always an (Ange)womon to me...okay, maybe Billy Joel shouldn't write songs about Digimon.  Esmerelda May digivolves for your pleasure into the loveliest of Archangel-types - Angewomon!

Music:  "Wish I Had An Angel" by Nightwish, album Once

Direct download: 130_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Angewomon.m4v
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128 - Mr. E as Eren Jaeger

Show Schedule:  

- The Tease at Skindustry Tattoo Expo 2014:  March 21 - 23, Allentown, PA


Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast - no one likes a homewrecker and maneater, especially when they are literally wrecking your house and eating your friends and family.  Mr. E gets his anger-lesque on as Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan!

Music: "Vogel in Käfig" by Cyua, Rie, and Hiroyuki Sawano, from the Shingeki no Kyojin OST.

Direct download: 128_-_Mr._E_as_Eren_Jaeger.m4v
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127 - Victoria Belmont as Godzilla

Show Schedule:  

Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast - who doesn't like a little mayhem now and then?  Victoria Belmont does a little translation and explains just how "RAWR" means "I Love You" while trampling downtown Tokyo as your favorite kaiju - Gojira!

Music:  "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron, from the album Witching Hour

Direct download: 127_-_Victoria_Belmont_as_Godzilla.m4v
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126 - Mortal Gazebo

Show Schedule:

Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast:  poets have written epics about it.  Bards have sung songs about it.  Tom Hanks is developing an HBO miniseries about it (it's the sequel to Band of Brothers).  Watch the entire Katsucon XX Cosplay Burlesque cast battle for supreme control of the most valuable resource in National Harbor - THE GAZEBO (ALL GLORY TO BE UNTO IT).

Music:  "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff

MusicL  "O Fortuna" remixed by Apotheosis.

Direct download: 126_-_Mortal_Gazebo.m4v
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124 - Cherry E Valentine as Sookie

Show Schedule:

- Katsucon 20:  Feb 14 - 16, National Harbor, MD - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

- Brunswick Basement Burlesque: Anti-Valentine's Day.  Feb 14, 9:30pm, Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ.

- Wicked Faire 2014:  Feb 21 - 23, Somerset, NJ.  (Members of Cosplay Burlesque will perform with the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

- Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!


This week on the podcast - being a waitress can suck, and if you work at Merlotte's in Bon Temps, LA, then your customers probably suck, too.  Cherry E. Valentine promises not to spill your drinks if you cheer loud enough as she brings Sookie back to the stage!

Music:  "Teeth" by Lady Gaga, from the album The Fame Monster

Direct download: 124_-_Cherry_E._Valentine_as_Sookie.m4v
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123 - Murder Nurse as Clover from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Show Schedule:

Katsucon 20:  Feb 14 - 16, National Harbor, MD - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

Brunswick Basement Burlesque: Anti-Valentine's Day.  Feb 14, 9:30pm, Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ.

Wicked Faire 2014:  Feb 21 - 23, Somerset, NJ.  (Members of Cosplay Burlesque will perform with the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast - Your favorite homicidal healthcare worker (thanks Obama!) is back with another amazing video game cosplay act.  Murder Nurse is everyone's favorite bipolar, cryostasis-held Nonary Game participant - Clover Field!

Song:  "Be My Escape" by Relient K, from the album Mmhmm

Direct download: 123_-_Murder_Nurse_as_Clover.m4v
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Show Schedule:

- Wicked Faire 2014:  Feb 21 - 23, Somerset, NJ.  (Members of Cosplay Burlesque will perform with the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

- Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

Dr. AVsian is STILL lost in Asia.  So while we wait for the latest shipment of milk cartons, we reprise some more fan favorites.  This week, it's all about the dudes - Mr. E as Albert Wesker and Allen Ryde as Flynn Rider (any relation?).

Direct download: Dude_Reprise-SD_for_Apple_Devices_Podcast.m4v
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121 - Nana Valtiel as Seiko Shinohara

Show Schedule:

- Dec 19 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque in "A Whole Lotta Brass"; Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ - 8:30pm

- Dec 27 - Brusnwick Basement Burlesque; Millhill Basement, Trenton, NJ - 10pm

This week on the podcast - why, she's just the most chipper older sister ever trapped in Kisaragi Academy.  Nana Valtiel brings this Corpse Party to life as Seiko Shinohara!

Music:  "Volatile Times" by IAMX, from the album Volatile Times

Direct download: 121_-_Nana_Valtiel_as_Seiko_Shinohara.m4v
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119 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Black Lady"

Show Schedule:

Brunswick Basement Burlesque - two shows!

  Nov 27 - Thanksgiving Eve at the Court Tavern; New Brunswick, NJ

  Nov 29 - Millhill Basement in Trenton, NJ

This week on the podcast - Esmerelda Athena May chooses the perfect song by the perfect bad girl for her depiction of everyone's favorite corrupted 30-Century crown princess - Black Lady!

Music:  "I Want To Be Evil" performed by Eartha Kitt, from the album Purr-Fect:  Greatest Hits

Direct download: 119_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Black_Lady.m4v
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116 - Victoria Belmont as Elizabeth Comstock

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nov 2: Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

On the podcast - our resident queen of Halloween is none other than our Fearless Leader, Victoria Belmont, who also goes by the moniker Holly Ween.  This week, Victoria/Holly inhabits the most intriguing character of one of 2013's best games in one of it's most pivotal moments.  She's Elizabeth Comstock, and you are granted access to a glimpse of what happens behind a cut scene in Bioshock Infinite.

Music:  "Wish You Were Here" as performed by Rasputina, from the album The Lost and Found

Direct download: Victoria_as_Elizabeth_Comstock_fcpx-SD_for_Podcast_2000_kbps.m4v
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115 - The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette

Oct 25 - Boogie Down & Take It OffOrtlieb's, Philadelphia, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 30 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque Attic Extraveganza; New Brunswick, NJ (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 1 - Karnevil's Carnival In The Graveyard; McCoole's Red Lion Inn, Quakertown, PA (ft. Arson & Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - as we approach Halloween, it's time to look at some serious costume work.  Of all the recent shows, the most elaborate costume - and the most fabulous act - belongs to our resident drag queen.  It's The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette (from the series ACTUAL HISTORY FROM THE REAL WORLD READ A FREAKIN' BOOK PLEASE).

Music:  "Vogue" by Madonna, from the album I'm Breathless

Direct download: 115_-_The_Real_Nuriko_as_Marie_Antoinette.m4v
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113 - Murder Nurse & Mr. E as Jill Valentine & Albert Wesker

Show Schedule:

Oct 12 - Woodbridge Ghost Walk; Woodbridge, NJ (ft. Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween)

Oct 12 - International Steampunk City at Speedwell; Morristown, NJ (ft. White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Oct 14 - Punk Rockin' & Pasty Poppin'; Midway Cafe in Boston, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 17 - Paws & Bras Benefit; Oberon in Cambridge, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 19 - Boolesque at PA Playhouse; Bethlehem, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 20 - Halloween Party by NJ Shutter Group; Mojo Lounge (ft. Holly Ween and Esmerelda May

Oct 21 - Lewd & Lucky Burlesque; Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - it's getting cold outside, so let's turn up the heat!  Sometimes, it's hard to tell who's the puppet, and who's pulling the strings.  Murder Nurse and Mr. E crank up the tension as each other's arch-nemesis - Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker!

Music:  "Pleasant Nightmare" by Danny Blu, from the album Do Your Worst, avaiable on iTunes and

Direct download: 113_-_MN__Mr._E_as_Jill_Valentine_as_Albert_Wesker.m4v
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111 - AnimeUSA 2013 Saturday Recap

Show Schedule:

9/28 - White Elephant Burlesque 7th Anniversary Celebration at ATC Studios

9/29 - NYCC Pre-Party Steampunk & Cosplay Shoot-out at Roxy & Dukes

10/3 - Dr. Sketchy's Zombie Sketchy at Asbury Lanes

10/4 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque's Holly Ween's Horror Fest 2 at Millhill Basement

10/5 - Looking Glass Revue's Hallow-Wicked on Main at Lee Gribben's on Main

This week on the podcast - we recap the Saturday night show AnimeUSA 2013.  Who killed Mr. E?  It's a total mystery!  (hur hur, get it?)

Music:  "Stormy Clouds (Raindrop Mix)" by DJ Krush with Ken Shima, from the album: Stepping Stones:  The Self-Remixed Best

Music:  "You Can Be The Boss" by Lana Del Rey, available on Youtube.

Direct download: 111_-_AnimeUSA_2013_Saturday_Recap.m4v
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110 - AnimeUSA 2013 Friday Recap

UPDATE:  Episode 110 has been reposted.  Enjoy!

Show schedule:  This Saturday - Sept 21 - in New Brunswick, check out Brunswick Basement Burlesque at the Court Tavern, featuring Holly Ween (aka Victoria Belmont).  On Sept 28, check out the best theatrical burlesque troupe in New Jersey at the White Elephant Burlesque Society's 7th Anniversary Celebration at ATC Studios in Clifton, NJ!

This week on the podcast - we recap the Friday night show at AnimeUSA 2013 with a timelapse study and public domain music goodness!

Direct download: 110_-_AnimeUSA_2013_Friday_Recap_v3.m4v
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109 - Nana Valtiel as Auron

Show Schedule:  Join Fonda Feeling as she leads a bevy of Backbay burlesque beauties in Geek Girl Boston Burlesque's Cult Classics September Spooktacular on Sept 14 at Club OBERON in Cambridge.  

Or, if you're in the Philly area that night, head over to JC Dobbs to see Murder Nurse rock out with her band Navimada!

Then hop in your car and drive down to DC for AnimeUSA 2013, featuring TWO full Cosplay Burlesque shows!

This week on the podcast:   You've never seen a monk like this - so mysterious, so complex, so SEXY.  Nana Valtiel genderbends for your Final Fantasy pleasure as Auron!

Music:  "Otherworld" by Black Mages, from the album Black Mages 2:  The Skies Above

Direct download: 109_Nana_as_Auron.m4v
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108 - Luna Chase as Death

Show Schedule:  Join Fonda Feeling as she leads a bevy of Backbay burlesque beauties in Geek Girl Boston Burlesque's Cult Classics September Spooktacular on Sept 14 at Club OBERON in Cambridge.  Then hop in your car and drive down to DC for AnimeUSA 2013, featuring TWO full Cosplay Burlesque shows!

This week on the podcast:  we resurrect a previously featured act.  Luna Chase gets her goth on as that perkiest of Grim Reapers - Death!

Music:  "Marble House (Planningtorock Remix)" by The Knife, from the albums Silent Shout (original) and Marble House (remix)

Direct download: 108_-_Luna_Chase_as_Death.m4v
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107 - Esmerelda Athena May as Catwoman

Show Schedule:  Victoria Belmont will be appearing at Alternatease in Boston from August 15 - 17 (performing Friday night), while our resident whipmaster Arson will perform with Karnevil at the Stone Pony on Friday, August 23.

This week on the podcast - we begin our photo recaps of Otakon.  Esmerelda Athena May is this week's feature performer.  She pursues the mysterious red laser pointer dot as that most feline of antiheriones -Catwoman!

Music:  "One Way Or Another" by Blondie, from the album Parallel Lines

Direct download: 107_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Catwoman.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:31am EDT

106 - Fonda Feeling as Catherine Bloom

Show schedule:  Otakon is this weekend!  Come catch us on Friday night at Panel Room 2 at 11pm.  For those of you who can't line up early enough, the con has set up an overflow room.  Check out the Otakon website for details!

After Otakon:  Fonda Feeling shakes it at Punk Rockin' and Pastie Poppin' Vol VIII: Psycho Beach Party at the Midway Cafe in Boston on August 12.  Scarlet Stepford twirls or dies at Hotsy Totsy Burlesque's Game of Tassels on August 20 at the R Bar in Manhattan.

This week on the podcast:  our very own circus sweetie got some Mobile Suit skills.  Fonda Feeling shows off her sensually acrobatic side as Gundam Wing's Catherine Bloom!

Music:  "Circus" by Britney Spears, from the album Circus

Direct download: 106_-_Fonda_Feeling_as_Catherine_Bloom.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:03am EDT

105 - Allen Ryde as Vega

Show schedule!  Fonda Feeling will shake it at the Ohio Burlesque Festival August 2 - 4 in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom.  Tickets available at online.   

Also - Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) will perform at the latest Burlesque on Main at the House of Minerva on August 3.  Tickets available online.

This week - Allen Ryde takes us on a beautiful Spanish fantasy as that prettiest of Street Fighters - Vega!

Music: "Bailamos" by Enrique Igelsias, from the album Cosas del Amor

Direct download: 105_-_Allen_Ryde_as_Vega.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:56am EDT

104 - Murder Nurse as Pscyho

Show schedule!  Victoria Belmont will be performing with Brunswick Basement Burlesque on Wedesnday, July 24, at the Courtyard Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ.  Also, on August 3, House of Minerva presents Burlesque on Main, All-Nerd Review!  Check that out in Emmaus, PA.

And of course, Otakon 2013!  This week, we reveal the second group of performers who will shake it down by the Harbor.

This week!  Our favorite tiny blonde homicidal healthcare worker brings a new level of energy to Cosplay Burlesque.  Murder Nurse shows us what it means to skip a therapy session as a Psycho - one of Pandora's fine purveyor of melees.

Music:  "Cray Button" by Family Force 5, from album iii.V.

Direct download: 104__Miurder_Nurse_as_Psycho.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:05am EDT

102 - Cosplay Burlesque's Sailor Scouts Act

If you're in Brookly on July 15, head on over to Lucky 13 Saloon for the Lewd & Lucky "Christmas in July" Show, featuring Victoria Belmont (as secret identity Holly Ween).

Now for the podcast!  Sometimes, it takes a village to pull off the awesomeness required of a Cosplay Burlesque act.  Sometimes, it take an entire solar system.  Sometimes, it takes...a group of schoolgirls?

This week, Esmerelda Athena May, Raurenu, Fonda Feeling, Cherry Valentine, and Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont harness the magical power of sailor fuku and bring you Cosplay Burlesque's Sailor Scouts Act!

Music:  "Lady Marmalade" as performed by Mya, Pink, Lil' Kim, and Christina Aguilera, from the Moulin Rouge OST.

Direct download: 102_-_Sailor_Scouts__Act.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:03am EDT

101 - Victoria Belmont as "Claptrap"

This week, Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont shows us how small boxy robots can get their burlesque on.  It's the Fyrestone Claptrap from Borderlands 2, and he's here to get revenge...ON YOUR PANTS.

Music:  Claptrap's "The Powerdub" by Spicyricecracker Productions, available on Soundcloud.  Mashed-up from:

"The Powerhouse" by Carl Stalling, from the album The Carl Stalling Project.

"Doomsday" by Nero, from the album Welcome Reality +.

Direct download: 101_-_Victoria_Belmont_as_Claptrap.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:53am EDT

100 - Nana Valtiel as Maya

100 Episodes!  Wow...

When we started this podcast in 2011 in a hotel room in Baltimore, I never thought we'd get this far.  A little less than two years later, and we've officially hit triple digits.  You guys - the fans of Cosplay Burlesque - are the entire reason we started this little online distribution.  Thanks for watching, and for coming out to the shows!

This week - she may not sing any songs, but she's a Siren nonetheless.  Nana Valtiel doesn't need Phaselock to keep audiences riveted to their seats as Maya (in Vault Hunter mode, of course)!

Direct download: 100_-_Nana_Valtiel_as_Maya.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:47am EDT

98 - Uncle Yo - Is That All There Is?

AnimeNext!  AnimeNext!  ANIMENEXT 2013!!!!

It's the home show, and it's this weekend!  Come out and see our biggest show of the year!  We promise you a show that will BLOW. YOUR. MINDS.  :)

What's that?  You want a sneak peek?  Weeellll....okay...

This week on the podcast - a sneak peek at what we've got in store for you at AnimeNext 2013, and host Uncle Yo's hilarious tribute to Sleep No More - Is That All There Is?

Music:  "Is That All There Is?" by Peggy Lee, from the album Is That All There Is?

Special Guest: Charles Dunbar as the "Man in the Mask"

Direct download: 98_-_Uncle_Yo_-_Is_That_All_There_Is.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:56am EDT

97 - Allen Ryde as Toki Wartooth

The big show is coming up!  That's right - in just a couple of weekend, Cosplay Burlesque comes back to the home con - AnimeNext!  You won't believe the insanity that we've got planned for you - Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont and crew have been cooking up a few things you'll never forget, so come check it out!

On the podcast this week - we tackle the tough issue of candy (which tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy).  Allen Ryde shows off his lusty chops and luscious locks as the second fastest guitarist alive - Toki Wartooth!

Music: "Du Hast" by Rammstein, from the album Sehnsucht

Direct download: 97_-_Allen_Ryde_as_Toki_Wartooth.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:04am EDT

96 - Victoria Belmont as Mika Itoh from Bible Black

Show schedule:  We'll be at AnimeNext June 7 - 9!  This is our home con, and it's always the biggest show of the year - so come check it out!

This week - Victoria Belmont burns up the stage as that most exploited of bunnygirls - Mika Itoh from Bible Black!

Music: "House of 1000 Corpses" by Rob Zombie, from the album House of 1000 Corpses.

Direct download: 96_-_Victoria_Belmont_as_Mika_Itoh_from_Bible_Black.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 3:33am EDT

95 - White Elephant Burlesque at Twisted World 2013: Divine Decadence

This week, we feature some very good friends of Cosplay Burlesque - The White Elephant Burlesque Society, who recently brought their unique brand of burlesque theater to The Twisted World 2013: Divine Decadence.  Check them out at the 2013 Steampunk World's Fair!  

For this week's episode, we feature two acts - Viktor Devonne's "Jar of Hearts" and Gretchen Violetta & Regina Stargazer's "Stargazer The Pony!"

Music:  "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, from the album Lovestrong.

Music:  "Pony" by Far, from the album At Night We Live

Direct download: 95_-_WEBS_2013_Twisted_World.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:04am EDT

94 - Murder Nurse & Mr. E as Connor & Altair from Assassin's Creed

Show dates:  Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) will be performing with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the 2013 Steampunk World'ss Fair, May 17 - 19.  Come check out the legendary NJ troupe as they dish out another helping of theatrical burlesque!

This week - a double bill!  After an extended (and HILARIOUS) intro by Uncle Yo, Murder Nurse and Mr. E show us just how lethally SEXY they can be, as Connor and Altair from the Assassin's Creed games!

Music:  "Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song" by Smosh.

Direct download: 94_-_MN__Mr_E_as_Connor__Altair.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 7:11am EDT

93 - Esmerelda Athena May as Inner Moka from "Rosario + Vampire"

If you're in NYC tonight (Tuesday, April 30th) - check out Applied Phlebotinum Burlesque at R Bar!  You'll get to see Cosplay Burlesque's very own Scarlet Stepford and Luna Chase!

Plus - only a month or so until AnimeNext 2013!  We've got a huge show planned for you guys, so stay tuned!

This week - Esmerelda Athena May unleashes the sexiness within, as Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire!

Music:  "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, from the album One X

Direct download: 93_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Inner_Moka.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 7:41am EDT

88 - Cherry Valentine as Amber Sweet

Show schedule!  Cosplay Burlesque makes their debut at Zenkaikon 2013 in Lancaster, PA (March 22- 24). That's next weekend!  Come out and join the fun! (as long as you're over 18, that is!)

Also - check out CPB performers with our friends White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Pscyho 78s Fundraiser Rock Show (March 30 at Roxy N Dukes) and at The Twisted World:  Divine Decadence in Somerset NJ (April 26 - 28).  

This week - Cherry Valentine demonstrates the dangers of addiction to both drugs AND surgery.  She's the alking, talking after-school special of your wet dreams as Amber Sweet from Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Music:  "Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach, from the album Metamorphosis
Direct download: 88_-_Cherry_Valentine_as_Amber_Sweet.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:52pm EDT

87 - Murder Nurse as "Fionna"

Show schedule!  Cosplay Burlesque makes their debut at Zenkaikon 2013 in Lancaster, PA (March 22- 24). 

Also - check out CPB performers with our friends White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Pscyho 78s Fundraiser Rock Show (March 30 at Roxy N Dukes) and at The Twisted World:  Divine Decadence in Somerset NJ (April 26 - 28).  

Talk about alternate universes!  This week, the lovely, the smoking hot MURDER NURSE yanks out our heart-guts (well, does SOMETHING to them) as "Fionna" from Adventure Time!

Direct download: 87_-_Murder_Nurse_as_Fionna.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:10am EDT

86 - Mr. E as "Jake Muller"

Show schedule!  Next weekend - Victoria Belmont performs as Holly Ween at the PA Burlesque Festival in Philly!  She'll be featured both nights (March 8 & 9).  

Cosplay Burlesque makes their debut at Zenkaikon 2013 in Lancaster, PA (March 22- 24). 

Also - check out CPB performers with our friends White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Pscyho 78s Fundraiser Rock Show (March 30 at Roxy N Dukes) and at The Twisted World:  Divine Decadence in Somerset NJ (April 26 - 28).  

This week - we turn up the heat for the fans of boylesque!  Mr. E. is here to show us the sexy side of being a loner bioterrorist language-prodigy/mercenary as that very specific character combination - Resident Evil 6's Jake Muller!

Direct download: 86_-_Mr._E_as_Jake_Muller.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 11:42pm EDT

83 - Esmerelda May as "Raven"

Show announcements!

Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont will appear at Lewd & Lucky Burlesque's "Love Hurts...Boobs Heal" show Monday, February 11!

Cosplay Burlesque makes their Katsucon debut on Friday, Feb 15, at 10:30pm!

Come see various CPB troupe members perform with our good friends, the White Elephant Burlesque Society, at Wicked Faire 2013 Feb 15 - 17 in Somerset, NJ!

Next, Victoria Belmont (whoo, she gets around a lot!) will appear at the PA Burlesque Festival March 8 - 9 in Philadelphia, PA! 

Finally, CPB makes their proud debut at Zenkaikon March 22 - 24!

Now - this week!  Esmerelda May shows us her sexy Soul-Self as that spookiest of the Teen Titans - Raven!

Music: "What You Want" by Evanescence, from the album Evanescence

Direct download: 83_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Raven.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:07am EDT

82- Nana Valtiel as X-23

Upcoming shows!  

Fonda Feeling - Mistress of Geek Girls Boston Burlesque - will Ruin Your Childhood on Feb. 7 at Oberon in Cambridge, MA!

The whole Cosplay Burlesque troupe will shake their things at their Katsucon debut on Friday, Feb. 15!

That same weekend, check out CPB's very good friends the White Elephant Burlesque Society at Wicked Faire 2013 in Somerset, NJ!

And finally, come watch Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont perform both nights at the PA Burlesque Festival in Philly on Mar. 8 - 9 as her alter ego - Holly Ween!

On to the show!  This week, Nana Valtiel shows us her soft, cuddly side as Marvel's most gentle, loving, adamantium-enhanced assassin - X-23!

Music:  "Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback, from the album Dark Horse.

Direct download: 82-_Nana_Valtiel_as_X-23.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 4:47pm EDT

80 - Victoria Belmont as "Belldandy"

Show announcements are back!  First - Fonda Feeling and Geek Girls Boston present Ruining Your Childhood on Febuary on Febuary 7, 2013, at Oberon.  

Next - Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) has been selected to perform at the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival on March 8 and 9, 2013 (both nights!) at the Plays and Players Theatre!

And now - this week's episode.  Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont grants you some technical assistance as just the cutest, sweetest lil' Goddess of all time - Belldandy!

Direct download: 80_-_Victoria_Belmont_as_Belldandy.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 11:18pm EDT

79 - Allen Ryde as "Flynn Rider"

This week, Allen Ryde shows off his cocky side as that dashing thief of your hearts (and pants) - Flynn Rider!

Music:  "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO, from the album Sorry for Party Rocking

Direct download: 79_-_Allen_Ryde_as_Flynn_Rider.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 10:46pm EDT

78 - Fonda Feeling as Amy Pond

This week, Ms. Fonda Feeling shows us just what it takes to become The Doctor's Companion - the dream job for any good geek girl - as Amy Pond!

Music:  "Enjoy The Silence" as performed by Anberlin, from the album Lost Songs

Direct download: 78_-_Fonda_Feeling_as_Amy_Pond.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 4:11pm EDT

75 - Cherry Valentine as "Angel Salvadore"

This week, the very lovely Cherry Valentine shows us just how bad her attitude can be as Angel Salvadore!  

Music: "Change (In The House Of Flies)" by Deftones, from the album White Pony.

Direct download: 75_-_Cherry_Valentine_as_Angel.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:39am EDT

74 - Nana Valtiel as "Sailor Pluto"

This week, the very lovely and deviant Nana Valtiel shows us just how she guards the Door of Space-time as Sailor Pluto!

Music:  "Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace, from the album One-X.

Direct download: 74_-_Nana_Valtiel_as_Sailor_Pluto.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 3:10am EDT

73 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Mad Moxxi"

Okay, this might sound just a little too Republican of me, but I loooove chicks with guns.  It's the perfect marriage of sex, technology, and EXTREME VIOLENCE

So this week, Esmerelda Athena May hits all the sweet spots as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2!

Direct download: 73_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Mad_Moxxi.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 6:59pm EDT

72 - Mr. E. as Albert Wesker

There's a new stud in the stable!  This week, we introduce Mr. E, being so very devilishly handsome, as the man who put the "E"vil in CEO - Resident Evil's Albert Wesker!

Direct download: 72_-_Mr._E_as_Albert_Wesker.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:19am EDT

71 - Fonda Feeling as Shampoo

This week, Fonda Feeling returns to Cosplay Burlesque to deliver some deliciousness in the form of everyone's favorite stalker delivery girl,Shampoo!

Music:  "Straight to Video" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album Straight to Video.

Direct download: 71_-_Fonda_Feeling_as_Shampoo.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:21am EDT

70 - BAMF Girls Club

AnimeUSA 2012 was badass!  How badass, you ask?  So badass, we had to get the baddest-assiest mutha-fuckin' girls together for the show!

That's right - this week, we present The BAMF Girls Club!  Starring Cherry Valentine as Hermione; Esmerelda Athena May as Katniss; Nana Valtiel as Michone; Murder Nurse as Buffy; Victoria Belmont as Lisbeth; and Fonda Feeling as Bella - it's the reality show that you wish they'd have the balls to make.


"A Kind of Magic" by Queen, from the album A Kind of Magic.

"Uprising" by Muse, from the album The Resistance.

"Demon Speeding" by Rob Zombie, from the album The Sinister Urge.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme" by Nerf Herder, from the album Buffy The Vampire Slayer:  The Album.

"Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, from the album Bad Reputation.

"Gay Boyfriend (UK Remix)" by The Hazzards, from the single Gay Boyfriend.

Direct download: 70_-_BAMF_Girls_Club.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 11:15pm EDT

69 - Murder Nurse as Slender Man

First of all, we hope that everyone is okay from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  We lost power for 72 hours at Cosplay Burlesque Headquarters in New Jersey, but other than that, everything else was fine.  

This week, to wrap up the Halloween (that nearly wasn't), we bring you the creepiest thing on the Internet - Slender Man - as portrayed by the cutest thing on the Internet - Murder Nurse!

Music:  "20 Dollars," by Ron Browz, from the album Timeless EP.

Direct download: 69_-_Murder_Nurse_ads_Slender_Man.m4v
Category:Performance -- posted at: 11:41pm EDT

67 - Allen Ryde as Duke Devlin

This week, we bring back the mens of Cosplay Boylesque!  Allen Ryde shakes his stuff (his dice, you pervs) as Duke Devlin from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Music:  "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake, from the album FutureSex/LoveSounds.

Direct download: 67_-_Allen_Ryde_as_Duke_Devlin.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 11:19pm EDT

66 - Cherry Valentine as Forever Alone

Introducing the delightfully sweet Cherry Valentine and her deliciously tart take on the Forever Alone meme!

Music:  "One" as performed by Three Dog Night, from the album Three Dog Night

Direct download: 66_-_Cherry_Valentine_Forever_Alone.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:08am EDT

65 - Victoria Belmont as The Honey Badger

Her name is Victoria Belmont.  She don't give a shit.  Well, actually, she does - in fact, she'll fuck your shit up, that's how many shits she gives.  This week, our Fearless Leader returns as The Honey Badger!

Music:  "Honey Badger Anthem" by Barry Laminack, available at

Direct download: 65_-_Victoria_Bemont_Honey_Badger.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 8:36pm EDT

64 - Nana Valtiel performing "Gundam Style"

Introducing the spastically sultry Nana Valtiel, getting her meme on and performing "Gundam Style!"

Music:  "Gundam Style" by Psy.

Direct download: 64_-_Nana_Gundam_Style.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:19am EDT

62 - Intervention 2012 Recap

We had a great time at Intevention 2012!  Thanks to everyone who come out to see the show, visit our booth, and bid at the charity auction!

This week, we bring you some highlights from this year's show, featuring more of your favorite internet memes!

Direct download: 63_-_2012_Intervention_Recap.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:46am EDT

61 - Very Special Episode - WEBS Tribute to Lady Gaga

Hey all you Burlesque-a-teers!  (Burlesquers?  Burlesqueheads?)  Just a reminder that Intervention (The Internet Culture Convention) is in two weekends!  Come check out our show and hang out with us in the dealer's room!

This week, we showcase our very dear friends, The White Elephant Burlesque Society.  This particular performance was commissioned by Rutgers University BiGLARU as part of their "Gaga for Gaga" charity event in 2010.  WEBS founder Viktor Devonne and WEBS regulars Regina Stargazer and Holly Ween (aka CPB's very own Victoria Belmont) all presented their interpretations of Lady Gaga's madness.  It was - in a word - fabulous.  

Music:  "Poker Face," from the album The Fame; and "Bad Romance" and "Monster" from the album The Fame Monster.

Direct download: 61_-_WEBS_Gaga_for_Gaga.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:40am EDT

60 - Muder Nurse as Loki

Are you ready for Intervention?  We are!  It's gonna be awesome, rad, and tubular TO THE MAX.  (Word, yo.)

This week, Murder Nurse schemes and plots her way into your hearts (and pants) as Loki!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

Direct download: 60_-_Murder_Nurse_as_Loki.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:48am EDT

58 - Luna Chase as GLaDOS

We've got some great shows coming up - Intervention and AnimeUSA!  Check the show schedule at the start of each episode for more details.

This week, Luna Chase shows us just how she handles a joystick as Aperture Science's GLaDOS!

Music: "The Girl and The Robot" by Röyksopp, from the album Junior.

Direct download: 58_-_Luna_Chase_as_GLADOS.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:23am EDT

57 - Leo Arcanum & Luna Chase as Ash & Pikachu

We've got some shows coming up soon!  As always, the current show schedule starts every episodes, so check it out for Pi-Con, Intervention, and AnimeUSA news.

This week, Leo Arcanum and Luna Chase play the Capitol District's favorite Pokemon - Ash and Pikachu!

Music:  "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera, from the album of the same name.

Direct download: 57_-_Leo_and_Luna_as_Ash__Pikachu.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:13am EDT

55 - Esmerelda Athena May as Katniss Everdeen

This week, Esmerelda Athena May turns up the heat as the original Girl On Fire, Katniss Everdeen!

Music:  "Uprising" by Muse, from the album The Resistance.

Direct download: 55-_Esmerelda_May_as_Katniss.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 2:15am EDT

53 - Fantasie De Light as Lily from Project Diva

If you're going to Otakon 2012, you should check out Cosplay Burlesque's Workshop, "So You Think You Can Burlesque!"  This workshop in shaking it will be taught by Esmerelda Athena May, Murder Nurse, and our Fearless Leader, Victoria Belmont.  Come to the class to learn the fine art of tease, stocking removal, and proper pastie maintenance!

This week, Fantasie D. Light shows us just how delightful a diva can be as the Vocaloid known as Lily!

Music:  "Po Pi Po" by Hatsune Miku, from the game Project Diva.

Direct download: 53_-_Fantasie_De_Light_as_Lily.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:50am EDT

52 - Luna Chase as Mario (redux)

Anyone who's going to Otakon should post questions for the Cosplay Burlesque Panel on our Facebook page (here and here)!

This week, we bring back a fan favorite act.  Last year, we were forced to pull certain videos from the podcast.  This year's AnimeNext gave us the opportunity to bring one of those acts back to you.  Luna Chase reprises her version of our favorite ethnically stereotypical Italian plumber - Mario!

Music:  "Mario Techno Remix" by Roboj911, available at

Direct download: 52_-_Luna_Chase_as_Mario_redux.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 9:53am EDT

51 - Murder Nurse as "Video Training Girl" from Battle Royale

This week, Murder Nurse shows us very closely how to do things right as the Training Video Girl from Battle Royale!

Music:  "Lucky" (nightcore version) by Lucky Twice, from the album Young & Clever.

Direct download: 51_-_Murder_Nurse_as_Video_Training_Girl.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 3:38am EDT

Episode 50 - Leo Arcanum as Peeta

Are you free Thursday night?  Need some more hot Cosplay Burlesque action?  Why not come out to see the ladies of CPB?  Esmerelda Athena May, Luna Chase, Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Scarlet Stepford, and CPB Guest Performer Moxie Cat will be dancing for Epic Win Burlesque at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ!  That's Thursday, June 28, at 8:30 pm.  More info at

This week, Leo Arcanum (ably assisted by Esmerelda Athena May) deploys a basket full of bad bread puns as Peeta from The Hunger Games!

Music: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction, from the album Up All Night.

Direct download: Episode_50_-_Leo_Arcanum_as_Peeta.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:43am EDT

Episode 49 - Battle Royale

This is probably the most cost-effective act Cosplay Burlesque has done - 7 mini-acts in one episode!  That's like a huge bargain, if this podcast weren't free!

This week, Victoria Belmont, Luna Chase, Leo Arcanum, Esmerelda Athena May, Spookey Velvet, Murder Nurse, and The Real Nuriko bring to life the dystopian classic Battle Royale!


"99 Problems" by Hugo, from the album Old Tyme Religion.

"Ode the Bouncer" by the Studio Killers, from the single of the same name.

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, from the album Slippery When Wet

"24" by Jem, from the album Finally Woken

"Spooky" by Lydia Lunch, from the album Queen of Siam

"Judith" by A Perfect Circle, from the album Mer de Noms

"Charleston" by Sam Levine, from the album Dixieland Jazz.

Direct download: Episode_49_-_2012_AnimeNext_Battle_Royale.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 1:35am EDT

Episode 46 - Kriv Scrivello as Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead"

Just a reminder, AnimeNext 2012 is next week!  CPB will be putting on their BAS (that's "Big Annual Show") on Friday, June 8, at 11pm in the Garden State Exhibit Center!  AnimeNext is always a lot of fun, and we're always excited to bring to your our biggest and most ambitious shows to our home con and audience!

If you want t-shirts and posters, make sure to catch us after the show!  We'll have some merchandise there for your buying pleasure!

Now, onto this week's episode.  There's always that one character that you hate!  This week, Kriv Scrivello brings us bad attitude and swagger as The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon!

Music:  "Sonne Undone" by Rammstein and Korn, mashup by WickedBoy6, available at

Direct download: Episode_46_-_Kriv_as_Daryl_Dixon.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:58pm EDT

Episode 45 - Esmerelda Athena May as River Tam

Reminder:  AnimeNext 2012 is coming in two weeks!  ANext is CPB's home show, and we promise something special again this year! 

This week, Esmerelda Athena May shows us just how HAWT a mess can be as Firefly's River Tam!

Music:  "Going Under" by Evanescence, from the album Fallen

Direct download: Episode_45_-_Esmerelda_Athena_May_-_River_Tam.mp4
Category:Performance -- posted at: 12:22pm EDT

Episode 44 - Fonda Feeling as "Bee Girl"

This week, the furiously sexy Fonda Feeling takes us back to the Nineties with her take on the classic music video mascot, Bee Girl!

Music:  "No Rain" by Blind Melon, from the album Blind Melon.

Direct download: Episode_44_-_Fonda_Feeling_-_Bee_Girl.mp4
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Episode 43 - Murder Nurse as "Yuno Gasai" from Future Diary

This week, Murder Nurse shows us just how unbelievably sexy resurrection can be.  We don't want to live in any universe where she's not, and this week, she gives us a taste of parallel realities as Yuno Gasai from Future Diary!

Also, next week, you can see CPB performers working with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Steampunk World's Fair!

Music:  "#1 Crush" by Garbage, from the album Absolute Garbage.

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Episode 41 - Fantasie D. Light as Chii

Technology...moves so damned quickly these days, doesn't it?  Pong, Nintendo, the's really only a matter of time until we get actual Persocoms.  Computers built like cute girls...hmmmm, might be a bit distracting.  Especially if they're built like our performer this week.  From Cleveland, the lovely, the talented Fantasie D. Light does some websurfing for us as everyone's favorite Chobit - Chii!

Music:  "Let Me Be With You" by Round Table featuring Nino, from the album April.

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Episode 40 - Victoria Belmont as Vriska Serket

Just what in the hell is Homestuck?  I don't get it.  I tried reading through one-a-them MS Paint Adventures and got lost in a pesterlogsomewhere.  Maybe the wiki can help me.  Nope, just made my headache worse.

Whatever the case, I never thought I'd get turned on by a troll...but then I saw this act and suddenly silver paint is awfully arousing.  This week, Victoria Belmont shows us her doomsday devices as Homestuck's Vriska Serket!

Music:  "Me So Horny" as performed by Revolting Cocks, from the album Got Cock?

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Episode 39 - Esmerelda Athena May as Abby Sciuto

The sexy, who doesn't love one?   The lab coat, the awkwardness, the slow, smouldering looks over the centrifuge, the lingering touches as you pass the micropippetor...

Plus, the latex gloves.  And test tubes.  You know, all the staples of a great Friday night in the lab, when anything and everything can happen.

This week, we present one of the great scientists of television - the very lovely forensic scientist of NCIS.  Our very own sultry brunette Esmerelda Athena May brings us the one, the only - Abby Sciuto!

Music:  "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby, from the album The Golden Age of Wireless.

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Episode 38 - ICON 31 Sneak Peek

Hey kids!  Like movies?  Like the characters in the movies?  Would ya like to see those characters do some naughty things on stage?  Would you like to see your favorite Cosplay Burlesque performers being those naughty characters?  Then come on down to the Bowery Poetry Club this Tuesday, April 10, for Geek Girl Productions' Pasties and Popcorn show!  Featuring Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween), Esmerelda Athena May, and Kriv Scrivello from CPB, plus CPB Guest Performer Little Miss Rollerhoops - this show is going to knock your socks off!

Onto this week's episode - ICON 31!  Hidden in the wilds of Long Island is a great convention devoted to all things Science Fiction.  We have a great time every year at this con, and this year, we're devoting an entire episode to just showing you snippets of the whole show. Sit back, relax, and make sure your grandmother can clearly see, as we bring you the ICON 31 Preview!

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Episode 37 - Fonda Feeling as Misa Misa

Hey guys!  We had a great time at ICON 31!  Thanks to the great staff and the terrific audience!  Between the girls at stage left hootin' and hollerin' at every little thing and Dr. Frankenfurter joining in, ICON has become one of our favorite places to be!

Now, CPB's next full show is scheduled for AnimeNext 2012, which is in June.  However, you can see many of CPB's great performers working with other troupes in the tri-state area.  For instance, on April 10, Victoria Belmont and Esmerelda May will be performing with Geek Girl Productions for the Pasties & Popcorn show.  Also, CPB performers can be seen with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Steampunk Worlds Fair from May 18 -20.  

Onto this week's feature!  We won't be at AnimeBoston this year, but that doesn't mean we can't bring Boston to Cosplay Burlesque!  Back from Beantown and ready to rock your world, Fonda Feeling comes us as Misa Misa from Death Note!

Music:  "Sweet Sour" by Band of Skulls, from the album Sweet Sour.

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Episode 36 - Sunny Flowers as C.C. from "Code Geass"

Hey all you sci-fi nerds!  Want to see Cosplay Burlesque do some acts tailored specifically for your type of fandom?  Then come on out to ICON 31 at SUNY Stonybrook this weekend!  That's right - CPB's second official show of the year will be in Ronkonkoma, Long Island Friday, March 30, to shake it and make it JUST FOR YOU!  Check out this week's episode for a full roster preview of the acts - there's some Zim, some Firefly, and some Dr. Who action coming your way, plus a whole lotta other stuff that's guaranteed to eject your warp core!

Now, for this week's act...Sunny Flowers is a new addition to the Cosplay Burlesque ranks, and what an impressive debut!  Her slow, burning interpretation of an immortal who can bestow mysterious powers is simply...well, let's say it left this editor sweating, and it wasn't the March weather that did it.  Help us welcome Sunny to Cosplay Burlesque, and enjoy her as C.C. from Code Geass!

Music:  "Sail" by AWOLNATION, from the album Megalithic Symphony.

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Episode 35 - Kriv Scrivello as Naota Nandaba from "FLCL"

Nerds, astronauts, and other affiliated types of geek - come out to ICON31 in two weekends!  Cosplay Burlesque will be performing Friday, March 30, at our second official show of the year!  This year, we've got the big auditorium, so come check out an even bigger show than before!  In past years at ICON, an incredible science fiction con, there have been zombie acts, Buffy acts, Final Fantasy acts, Little Shop of Horror acts...even a Simpsons act!  The shows just keep getting bigger at ICON!  Come on out to the SUNY Stonybrook Campus on Long Island and check it out!

Now, for the main event...rock n' roll, robots, aliens, and a healthy dose of television.  No, it's not a B-movie marathon...and it's not a recipe for raising children to be flabby and socially's FLCL!  Kriv Scrivello jams out on a totally boss Rickenbacker and lends his sexy, sexy head to channel Naoto Nandaba!

Music:  "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, from the album Whatever.

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Episode 34 - Regina Stargazer as The Fisherman's Wife

If you're in NYC this coming Tuesday, you should definitely check out Geek Girl Production's Annual Comic Book Show (Issue #3)!  Founded by our very own Lo Hung, GGP's annual extraveganza of sequential tarts (har har) include Cosplay Burlesque performers Scarlet Stepford, Leo Arcanum, and Murder Nurse, along with city cutie Emmy Electric!  10pm, Tuesday March 13, at the Bowery Poetry Club!

For this week's episode, we delve into serious art.  I'm talking high culture, people.  You're all familiar with The Great Wave Over Kanagawa?  Well, the artist, Hokusai, didn't limit himself to landscapes and nature scenes.  You see, he was also concerned with the great societal issues of the day - like cephalophilia.  Even back in the 1800's, tentacle-on-woman action was already a thing.  Japan is such a progressive country.

Our very own Regina Stargazer (you might also know her from her many personae with the White Elephant Burlesque Society) brings this classic woodcut to life this week as The Fisherman's Wife

Music:  "I Am One" by Javier Calderon, from the soundtrack to The Fashionistas (link VERY NSFW) (available in the deluxe DVD box set from Evil Angel Video)

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Episode 33 - Murder Nurse as Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Hey all! Uncle Yo, who hosts for CPB shows, has a brand new podcast!  Check out "We Are The Geek by Uncle Yo," a weekly discussion of anime, games, comics, movies, and all things geeky!  Subscribe to the iTunes feed or check out the blog

If you're around NYC this coming Tuesday (March 13), check out Geek Girl Production's Comics Show (Issue #3)!  Featuring CPB's very own Scarlet Stepford, Murder Nurse, and Leo Arcanum, GGP's annual Comics Show is not to be missed!

This week - Murder Nurse lives up to her name (well, the first part) as "sexy girl version" Ezio da Auditore Firenze from Assasin's Creed: Revelations!

Music:  "Criminal" by Britney Spears, from the album Femme Fatale.

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Episode 32 - Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween + MangaNext 2012 Revue

MangaNext 2012!  What can I say - it's a young show but a great one!  Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, DJ Nak, Allen Ryde, Kriv Scrivello, The Real Nuriko, Esmerelda Athena May, Fonda Feeling, Regina Stargazer, Leo Arcanum, and amazing newcomer Sunny Flowers all did marvelous!   This week's episode includes a brief revue of the show - full-length videos coming soon!

If you missed MangaNext 2012 last weekend, never fear!  We'll be at I-Con 2012 at the end of March (SUNY Stonybrook) and AnimeNext 2012 in June!  

Plus, some of the lovely ladies of Cosplay Burlesque will be featured in Geek Girl Productions 3rd Annual Comic Book show!

On to this week's main event - as some of you know, there's some serious overlap between Cosplay Burlesque and New Jersey's own infamous White Elephant Burlesque Society.  Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont performs with WEBS as Holly Ween.  This week, we see the harder, more dominant side of Victoria/Holly as she does her turn in Military Fashion Show!

Music:  "Military Fashion Show" by And One, from the album Bodypop

Episode 31 - Arson as Richter Belmont

Guess what's coming up this weekend?  That's right - MangaNext 2012!  Three days of manga goodness - complete with Cosplay Burlesque show Friday night!  Come see the first official show of the year on February 24 at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conference Center.  More details at  

Now for the main event...let's go down the checklist.  Whips - check.  Hair - check.  Metal - check.  It's either Castlevania, or it's Arson...or it's both!   This week, Arson steals our hearts (to power up his subweapons) as Richter Belmont!

Music:  "Doctor Doctor" by UFO, from the album Phenomenon.

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Episode 30 - Fonda Feeling as Fay Valentine

This weekend, you can see many of your favorite Cosplay Burlesque performers performing at Wicked Faire in Somerset, NJ!  If you like renn faires, steampunk, goth, and kink, you'll LOVE Wicked Faire!  The CPB boys and girls will be performing with the White Elephant Burlesque Society and at the Goblin Market interactive event.  Come check out this awesomeness!

Also, MangaNext 2012 is coming up soon!  Come check out the first full-fledged Cosplay Burlesque show of the year!  You can find all official CPB show dates at

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  This week, the incredible Fonda Feeling shows us just how space cowboys do romance the bebops as the smokin' hot Fay Valentine!

Music:  "Am I Sexy?" by Lords of Acid, from the album Private Parts.

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Episode 29 - Luna Chase as Freya

So as you know, the girls and boys of Cosplay Burlesque often perform with other troupes - most notably, the White Elephant Burlesque Society and Geek Girl Productions.  Next week, check out the Gothica Fashion Show at Delancey Lounge (put together by our very own Lo Hung, founder of GGP).

Also in February, various CPB performers will be performing at the 2012 Wicked Faire in Somerset, NJ.  Wicked Faire is a weekend-long event - an amazing gathering of goth/Rennie/steampunk - type folks in one amazingly alternative place to do awesome stuff.  Check out the Goblin Market and also the WEBS Haunted Hotel - both will be amazing interactive environments sure to wow your senses, shock your sensabilities, and titillate 

This week - Luna Chase shows us the darker side of adorable as Freya from Chobits!

Music:  "Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp, from the album Supernature.

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Episode 27 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Miss Scarlet"

Hey Boston!  The very lovely Fonda Feeling and Geek Girls Boston are hosting Space Case Burlesque on February 2, 2012, at Club Oberon in Hahvahd Squahe.   Check out Club Oberon's website for details.

So...our ladies and dudes are totes famous.  Like our performer this week, Esmerelda...a cashier recognized her at Best Buy this week.  He was all like, "You're in Cosplay Burlesque!"  And she was all like, "Hell yeah!"  And he was all like, "You're hot!"  And she was all like, "Aw, thanks, sweetie - you should come to more of our shows!"

So he was like, "How do I find out where and when Cosplay Burlesque is performing?"  And she was like, "At!  The totally revamped website has all of our upcoming shows, plus you can watch our podcast episodes right there!"  And he was all like, "Sweet!"

This week, the captivating Esmerelda Athena May ensnares us with a mystery...and Miss Scarlet!

Music:  "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" by Alex Swings Oscar Sings, from the album Heart 4 Sale.

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Episode 26 - Murder Nurse as "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes

If you haven't heard, our own beautiful blonde, Murder Nurse, is in LA this week auditioning for the live-action promotional model of Juliet Starling from the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw.  From the amazing team of Suda51 (Fatal Frame IV, No More Heroes) and James Gunn (Slither, Super), this game promises to be the ultimate adolescent fanboy fantasy brought to life.  

Murder Nurse is already known for her Suda51 cosplays - such as her famous "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes.  Here's the premier performance of the act from 2011 - petticoats, baseball bat, and all!

PS - check out the "Bad Girl" poster from the store!

PPS - Thanks to all everyone who helped campaign on Murder Nurse's behalf!

Music:  "My Leftovers" by Porcelain and the Tramps

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Episode 25 - Kriv Scrivello as Simon from Gurren Lagann

This week, something for anyone who digs dudes.  Figuratively or literally.  And by dig, I mean, y'know, drillin'.

Kriv Scrivello digs his way out of the earth and into your pants as Simon from Gurren Lagann!

Music:  "New Vibration" by Collective Soul, from the album Afterwords

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Episode 24 - Fonda Feeling as Poison Ivy

Happy 2012, faithful viewers!  Less than a year away 'till the end of the world...unless the supervillians have their way.

Now we all know who has the best villians - The Goddamn Batman, that's who.  His Rogue's Gallery is chock-full of the most awesome, messed-up psychos to ever rob a bank or heist some jewels.  

Batman is also has the most wood-inspiring bad guys, and I'm not talking about Woodrue.  Naw, if there's any villian guaranteed to give 'em a "green thumb" (har har), it's the lovely, the luscious Poison Ivy.  

This week, Fonda Feeling shows us just how to open her petals in a Cosplay Burlesque performance in her hometown of Boston.  Besides Cosplay Burlesque performances, you can also see Fonda heading up the Boston branch of Geek Girl Productions.  Check them out this coming February 2 at Oberon for their Space Case show!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

P.S. - Hello to all of our new fans in Kuwait!

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Episode 23 - The Podcast Year In Review 2011

Faithful viewers - what a helluva ride 2011 was.  We launched the podcast and the store, and despite any hiccups, things have gone pretty darned smoothly.

We have viewers from nearly every nation in the world - including a core group of Dog Fort & Red Lobster fans from Singapore!  Every continent and culture boasts Cosplay Burlesque fans.  From Hong Kong to Sweden to Venezuela to Kuwait to our loyal fans in Mexico...Cosplay Burlesque has a global following!

For our last podcast of 2011, we're doing a "year in review."  One of the two shows at AnimeUSA had a "Best Of" theme, where our performers broke out their own personal and audience favorites.  We thought it would be fun to show you how acts can vary between shows - the venues, audience energy, and whims of the performers change every time, so that no two shows are identical.  

We've got Fearless Leader's Velma, The Real Nuriko's Princess Peach (never shown as a podcast before, but a staple at several shows), and Murder Nurse & Lil' Nemmy's Umbrella Corporation acts.  

Thanks for all of the support, you guys - we'll see you next year with new acts, new shows, and new and beloved performers! 

Victoria's Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

Nuriko's Music:  "Ode to the Bouncer" by Studio Killers.

Murder Nurse's Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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Episode 22 - Little Miss Rollerhoops as Daria

New in the store this week:  plush boobies pillows with pasties! You can fondle and squeeze these all you want, and security won't stomp your face in for it!

It's no secret that I like Christmas.  I like the presents, the goodwill towards men, the Charlie Brown specials, etc.  But that's because I, y'know, care and stuff.

Our performer tonight likes Christmas, too...only not because she cares.  No, she likes Christmas because it's a chance for her whole family to do something together...something that'll really make 'em suffer.  (smirk)

Little Miss Rollerhoops makes her Cosplay Burlesque debut this week as the most apathetic angel around, Daria.  (Note the period.  Exclamation points are for people who get excited. Period.)

Music:  "People Are Strange" by The Doors, from the album Strange Days.

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Episode 21 - Murder Nurse as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw!

This week in the store:  The Official Cosplay Burlesque 2012 Calendar!  Featuring 12 months of your favorite performers in your favorite performance!  It's here, it's ready for shipping, and it's the perfect Festivus gift! Order this week to get it in time for Christmas!

Now...who among our loyal Cosplay Burlesque fans loves Suda51?  How about James Gunn?  

Well, when the visionary behind No More Heroes and Fatal Frame IV and the director of the gloriously fucked-up Slither and Super get together, you get pure, undiluted genius.  Genius so potent that it should make your eyeballs bleed and steer the earth straight into the sun.  Genius so insanely awesome that Teddy Roosevelt would punch through time so he could party with Andrew W K.

Hot cheerleader...chainsaw...the voice of a Powerpuff Girl...rock-n-roll zombies...'scuse me, but my head just exploded.

Suda51's biggest fan is our very own Murder Nurse, who shows us how to push-em-back, hold-em-back, WAAAAY BACK as Juliet Starling, hero of the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw!

Music:  "Revenge" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

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Episode 20 - Madison Bartholemew as "Gigei"

This week's new merch:  Spookey Velvet as the Big Bad Wolf!

What is it about CLAMP that gets the ladies' attention?  Is it the elaborate costume designs?  The giant eyes?  The incredibly romantic storylines?

Not being a teenaged girl, I couldn't tell ya, but I can tell you this - Madison Bartholemew's RG Veda dance is certainly holding MY attention.  This week, she Gigei's her way across the stage with sharp objects and moves that will hypnotize and scandalize!

Music: "Polar Bear" by Puscifer, from the album "C" is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here).

Direct download: Episode_19_-_Madison_-_Gigei.mp4
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Episode 18 - Victoria Belmont as "Velma"

We had a great time at AnimeUSA 2011 this weekend!  Two amazing shows - a year-end "Best Of" on Friday followed by a new theme, "Heroes vs. Villians" on Saturday!  Those of you who were there bore witness to the antics, jackassery, and sexy wholesale destruction of childhoods that make up a Cosplay Burlesque show!

Something else that happened this weekend - we launched a brand-new store!  Check it out at for all your poster, t-shirt, calendar, and other great merchandise needs!

Now, I think that Dorothy Parker got it wrong when she claimed that, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."  Really we modern nerds, geeks, and other icons of all know, smart girls with corrective eyewear are teh hawtness!  Bernadette Rostenkowski, Lisa Loeb, and Mari Illustrious Makinami all sport the ocular enhancements and have all clearly captured our hearts (and groins, amirite?).  

So this week, Victoria Belmont pays homage to the original myopic favorite, Velma!

Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

Direct download: Episode_18_-_Victoria_-_Velma.mp4
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Episode 17 - Luna Chase as "Sheik"

There really is no way to mistake the lovely Luna Chase for a dude.  Yet her history is just chock full of crossplay acts - Link, Draco Malfoy, and now...

This week, Luna Chase will teach us the songs of her people...oh yes, the sexy, sexy songs...

Music:  "Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith, from the album Permanent Vacation.

Direct download: Episode_17_-_Luna_Chase_-_Sheik_-_Render.mp4
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Episode 16 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Bellatrix"

Oooohh, the magic of burlesque!  The magic of women, and all of their lovliness! 

Specifically, the magic of boobs!

This week, Esmerelda is a bad girl side as she casts her charms on us as Bellatrix!

Music:  "Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed, from the album Indestructible

Direct download: Episode_16_-_Esmerelda_-_Bellatrix.mp4
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Episode 15 - Leo Arcanum as Leon Kennedy

For every action, there is a reaction.  For every crime, there must be a punishment.

So if you scare off the titties, you must then replace the titties!

This week, Leo Arcanum closes the cliffhanger from last week's episode, showing us his weapons of choice as Leon Kennedy.  

Music:  "Secret Agent Man," performed by Johnny Rivers, from the album, Johnny Rivers Greatest Hits.

Direct download: Episode_15_-_Leo_Arcanum_as_Leon_Kennedy.mp4
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Episode 14 - Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy as the Umbrella Corporation

This week, Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy give us a great demonstration of Umbrella Corporation's latest domestic product - Nemesis, Special Homemaker's Edition!

Umbrella Corporation is a company whose name you can obviously trust.  Why, their Regenerate product line has kept this Dr. A/Vsian looking decades younger than his 90+ years on this planet.  Or maybe it's the green tea and Asian genes.  Whatever the case, you can be sure that I'll be in line for a Nemesis - it's gotta work better than my Roomba.

Music:  "Umbrella," as performed by Vanilla Sky, from the album Changes (Import Edition only)

Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

Direct download: Episode_14-_Murder_Nurse__Little_Nemmy_-_Umbrella_Corp.mp4
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Episode 13 - Allen Ryde in "Bonjour Girl!"

Hey Audience-Dudes! 

Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont, Stage Manager Patti, Original Male Zenithan, Stage Kitten Josh, and I are all down in Orlando this week, enjoying all that is magical. 

Just so that you don't feel left out - here's Allen Ryde showing us what life is like in Provincetown as Belle!


Music:  "Bonjour Girl!" by wehoguy30

Direct download: Intervention_2011_-_Allen_Ryde_-_Bonjour_Girl.mp4
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Episode 12 - Victoria Belmont as Red Lobster

This week - Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont holds out for a hero.  A real hero.  A hero who can get things done.  A hero who can...fetch the ball and sit behind the cushions?  

She is...RED LOBSTER.  This is...DOG FORT.

Music:  "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler (remixed by brlszl), from the soundtrack to Footloose.

Direct download: Episode_12_-_Victoria_-_Dog_Fort.mp4
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Episode 11 - Esmerelda Athena May - Daft Punk Girl

Aaaannnnd we're back!  Sorry about the break last week, Burlesque-ateers - but things are back on track with a brand new episode!

Esmerelda Athena May makes her podcast debut with a rousing burlesque performance to my personal favorite Daft Punk song.  It's bombastic, robotastic, and more than a little boobtastic! 

Music:  "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk, from the album Discovery.

Direct download: Episode_11-_Esmerelda_-_Daft_Punk_Girl.mp4
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Episode 9 - AnimeBoston 2011 - Victoria Belmont as Lulu

Special back-to-school midweek treat!  Bonus boobs!  Woot!

Victoria Belmont weaves her black magic and shows us her Moogles as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.  (Or is that 10?  Maybe XXX?  No, that would be "30," idiot.)

If you're in the DC/Rockville, MD this weekend, we'll be performing at Intervention, The Internet Culture Convention!  Fan favorites Victoria BelmontMurder NurseAllen RydeLeo Arcanum, and DJ Nak will be there, along with new performers Esmerelda May and Moxie Cat, plus awesomehost Uncle Yo! 

We have a table in the dealers room where you can come score some sweet merch (pasties ain't free, you know!) and meet the performers, get autographs, take pix, get a sketch, etc.  

Our good friends Dani and Bill from All New Issues will be at the table, too - so come get an awesome sketch!

The show is Saturday night, September 17, at 8pm in the Performance Room.  Come check it out!

Music:  "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen"  by Santana, from the album Abraxas.

Direct download: SD_-_Episode_9_-_AnimeBoston_2011_-_Victoria_-_Lulu.mp4
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Episode 1 - Sucker Punch at AnimeBoston 2011

For our inaugural performance podcast episode, we present the ladies (mostly) of Cosplay Burlesque performing Sucker Punch at Anime Boston 2011!  

We feel that this performance exemplifies what Cosplay Burlesque is about - sexy ladies (and dudes) who are fangirls (and fanboys) doing sexy things (and, uh, more things)! 

Featuring Murder Nurse as Baby Doll.

Also starring:

Victoria Belmont as Madame Gorski

Lily Stiches as Rocket

Luna Chase as Blondie

Madison Bartholomew as Sweet Pea

Allen Ryde as Amber

Choreography by Victoria Belmont and Murder Nurse

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"Chick Habit" performed by April March from the album Paris in April

"Sweet Dreams" performed by Emily Browning from the soundtrack to the movie

Sucker Punch is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray

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