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55 - Esmerelda Athena May as Katniss Everdeen

This week, Esmerelda Athena May turns up the heat as the original Girl On Fire, Katniss Everdeen!

Music:  "Uprising" by Muse, from the album The Resistance.

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53 - Fantasie De Light as Lily from Project Diva

If you're going to Otakon 2012, you should check out Cosplay Burlesque's Workshop, "So You Think You Can Burlesque!"  This workshop in shaking it will be taught by Esmerelda Athena May, Murder Nurse, and our Fearless Leader, Victoria Belmont.  Come to the class to learn the fine art of tease, stocking removal, and proper pastie maintenance!

This week, Fantasie D. Light shows us just how delightful a diva can be as the Vocaloid known as Lily!

Music:  "Po Pi Po" by Hatsune Miku, from the game Project Diva.

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52 - Luna Chase as Mario (redux)

Anyone who's going to Otakon should post questions for the Cosplay Burlesque Panel on our Facebook page (here and here)!

This week, we bring back a fan favorite act.  Last year, we were forced to pull certain videos from the podcast.  This year's AnimeNext gave us the opportunity to bring one of those acts back to you.  Luna Chase reprises her version of our favorite ethnically stereotypical Italian plumber - Mario!

Music:  "Mario Techno Remix" by Roboj911, available at

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51 - Murder Nurse as "Video Training Girl" from Battle Royale

This week, Murder Nurse shows us very closely how to do things right as the Training Video Girl from Battle Royale!

Music:  "Lucky" (nightcore version) by Lucky Twice, from the album Young & Clever.

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