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76 - 2012 Holiday Special

Happy Holidays!  Good burlesque fans are getting a special treat in their stockings this year - three performances in one Very Special Episode!

To start - Victoria Belmont, Esmerelda May, and Little Miss Rollerhoops are completely bewitching in Hocus Pocus!

Next - The Real Nuriko explains just what happened to Santa's cookies as Cookie Monster!

Finally - Esmerelda May wraps herself as your final present.  She's Oogie Boogie, and she's gonna scare the pants offa someone!

Music:  "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, from the album At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Music:  "Share It Maybe" by Cookie Monster.

Music:  "Oogie Boogie's Song" by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, from The Nightmare Before Christmas OST.

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75 - Cherry Valentine as "Angel Salvadore"

This week, the very lovely Cherry Valentine shows us just how bad her attitude can be as Angel Salvadore!  

Music: "Change (In The House Of Flies)" by Deftones, from the album White Pony.

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74 - Nana Valtiel as "Sailor Pluto"

This week, the very lovely and deviant Nana Valtiel shows us just how she guards the Door of Space-time as Sailor Pluto!

Music:  "Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace, from the album One-X.

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73 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Mad Moxxi"

Okay, this might sound just a little too Republican of me, but I loooove chicks with guns.  It's the perfect marriage of sex, technology, and EXTREME VIOLENCE

So this week, Esmerelda Athena May hits all the sweet spots as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2!

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