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93 - Esmerelda Athena May as Inner Moka from "Rosario + Vampire"

If you're in NYC tonight (Tuesday, April 30th) - check out Applied Phlebotinum Burlesque at R Bar!  You'll get to see Cosplay Burlesque's very own Scarlet Stepford and Luna Chase!

Plus - only a month or so until AnimeNext 2013!  We've got a huge show planned for you guys, so stay tuned!

This week - Esmerelda Athena May unleashes the sexiness within, as Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire!

Music:  "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, from the album One X

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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian has been in the laboratory conjuring up different ways of using his fancy camera setup, so there will be no episode this week. Tune in next Tuesday for the next exciting episode of Cosplay Burlesque!  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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92 - How To Burlesque Part 2 - Audience Participation

In just two more weekends, Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) and Esmerelda May will be performing with WEBS at The Twisted World: Divine Decadence in Somerset, NJ, April 26 - 28.  It will be like an adult playground - there might even be a ball pit!

This week - the dramatic conclusion to epic started last week!  The "How To Burlesque Panel" concludes with Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Allen Ryde, and Esmerelda May using Mr. E as a "man-prop" and then handing him off to some eager students.  It's "How To Burlesque Part 2 - Audience Participation Harder"!

Music:  "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert, from the album For Your Entertainment

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91 - How To Burlesque Panel Part 1

Show alert! Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) and Esmerelda May will be performing with WEBS at The Twisted World: Divine Decadence in Somerset, NJ, April 26 - 28.  Check out the event for some fun, sexy grown-up time!

This week - we take a departure from the shows, the glitter, the glamour.  We head straight into the heart of convention darkness - PANELS.  This week, Esmerelda May, Murder Nurse, Allen Ryde, Mr. E., and Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont show off some basics (in how to make one's pants EXPLODE) in "How To Burlesque Part 1!"

(yes, there will be a Part 2)

Music:  "Show Me How You Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera, from the album Burlesque - Music From The Motion Picture.

Music:  "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Swing Cat Mix)" by Marilyn Monroe vs. The Millenium, from the album Greatest Hits Remixed.

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New show schedule!

We've made a command decision here at Cosplay Burlesque.  Since Dr. A/Vsian's been slacking, we've decided that he should spend weekends working on the CPB Farm, where sequins are grown on trees and the thong fields need hoing. 

Therefore, new episodes of Cosplay Burlesque will drop on Tuesday mornings from here on out.  That way, Dr. A/Vsian can work on picking pasties on Saturdays, churning body glitter on Sundays, and then spend Mondays in his gimp box working on the podcast.  

New episode on Tuesday!

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90 - Very Special Episode - Violet Blaze as Matron Mama Morton

Friends of Cosplay Burlesque, The White Elephant Burlesque Society, will be performing at The Twisted World:  Divine Decadence in Somerset, NJ, April 26 - 28.  Check out the event for some sexy adult fun!  

This week - we feature our first international performer!  This episode's footage was shot at the 2013 Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival in Philadelphia, PA, and features London's own Violet Blaze!  This lovely lass took the top prize at Burlesque Idol 2012 and was the first runner-up at the afore-mentioned PA Burlesque Fest!  This week, we're proud to bring our friends to your attention as Violet Blaze "reciprocates" your love and affections as Matron "Mama" Morton from Chicago!

Music:  "When You're Good to Mama" from Chicago: Music from the Motion Picture.

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