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151 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 3 - Triple Jay as Fighter McWarrior

You know what's better than one sword?  That's right - a ginger taking his clothes off while he shows us his sword-chuck skillz.  It's Triple Jay as that most enlightened of swordsmen - Fighter McWarrior!

Music: "I Like Swords" by Aaron Stoliker, from the album Pants Optional.  Availability unknown (check with Aaron).

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150 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 2 - Murder Nurse as Rikku

Next up in our continuing, epic AnimeNext 2015 series - Murder Nurse as Rikku!

Music: "The Boys" by Girl Generation, from the album The Boys

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149 - AnimeNext 2015 Scene 1 - YRP

We begin our AnimeNext 2015 Final Fantasy series with a bang!  What better way to kick off such a show. It's YRP, and Cosplay Burlesque brought it to New Jersey live!

Featuring Raurenu as Yuna; asissts from Murder Nurse as Rikku and Esmerelda May as Paine; with backup dancing from Oliver Swisskey, Mitsuki, Holly WeenLilith Oya, Vivi Noir, Cherry Valentine, and Doe Eyes!

Music: "Real Emotion" (English edition) as performed by Sweetbox, from the album Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission OST, available at and

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