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Episode 1 - Sucker Punch at AnimeBoston 2011

For our inaugural performance podcast episode, we present the ladies (mostly) of Cosplay Burlesque performing Sucker Punch at Anime Boston 2011!  

We feel that this performance exemplifies what Cosplay Burlesque is about - sexy ladies (and dudes) who are fangirls (and fanboys) doing sexy things (and, uh, more things)! 

Featuring Murder Nurse as Baby Doll.

Also starring:

Victoria Belmont as Madame Gorski

Lily Stiches as Rocket

Luna Chase as Blondie

Madison Bartholomew as Sweet Pea

Allen Ryde as Amber

Choreography by Victoria Belmont and Murder Nurse

Help support Cosplay Burlesque by buying the music and movie from Amazon!  We don't get paid for our shows - so by purchasing through us, you buy us gas and pasties so we can come perform for you!


"Chick Habit" performed by April March from the album Paris in April

"Sweet Dreams" performed by Emily Browning from the soundtrack to the movie

Sucker Punch is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray

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