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148 - AnimeNext 2015 Recap

Oh man.

You guys are the best.

Seriously, you rock!

Because of your support, the fundraiser was able to fully cover TWO GROUP ACTS at the AnimeNext 2015 show.

This is truly phenomenal.  Seriously, this is a huge big deal.  We can't thank you enough for all your love.

We'll be putting up most of the AnimeNext 2015 show as a thank you for all of awesome people, starting with this week's episode!

Featuring Murder Nurse, Triple Jay, Doe Eyes, Mitsuki, Oliver Swisskey, Esmerelda May, Viktor Devonne, Allen Ryde, The Real Nuriko, Nana Valtiel, Mika Romantic, Vivi Noir (in her first CPB performance), and Fearless Leader Holly Ween!

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147 - Murder Nurse as Sonia

It's time to stay at the


It's time to play at the 


Okay, that one was the worst yet.  Dr. A/Vsian might be off his meds again.

For the final fundraiser update, we have THREE new prints:
- Murder Nurse as "Rikku"
- Cherry Valentine as "Poison Ivy"
- Oliver Swisskey & Triple Jay in "Crowley"

And don't forget last week's prints!
- Holly Ween as "Velma Dinkley"
- Allen Ryde as "Irvine Kinneas"

The various collections (COMPLETE, GENTS, and LADIES) are still available for incredible savings!

This week on the podcast - forget those princesses located in other castles.  Murder Nurse is the ultimate princess as Sonia Nevermind from Dangan Ronpa!

Music: "Animal" (by Neon Trees) as performed by Chase Holfelder.  

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