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85 - Introducing Amy Macabre as "Ash Ketchum"

Shows!  Look for Cosplay Burlesque at Zenkaikon (March 22 - 24 in Lancaster, PA) and for CPB performers at the PA Burlesque Festival (March 9 - 10 in Philly) and The Twisted World's Divine Decadence (April 26 - 28 in Somerset, NJ).

This week - we introduce a new performer to CPB's ranks!  Welcome the bubbly and oh-so-comely Amy Macabre as she catches the little monsters in our "pockets" as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!

Music:  "Ass & Titties" by DJ Assault, album Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Music:  "Pokemon Theme" and "2.B.A. Master," album Pokemon: 2.B.A. Master

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Very Special Episode 84 - Katsucon 2013 Recap

Show announcements:  check out Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) in the 2013 Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival!  Also, the entire troupe will be at Zenkaikon 2013 (also in Philly) for our debut at that great con!

Onto this week.  Katsucon 2013 was a blast!  Despite some "challenges," we put on a great show for a very appreciative audience (packed yet ANOTHER room!).  We had a wonderful time at Katsu and hope to come back next year!

For those of you who couldn't make it - well, here's a recap of the entire show so that you know what you missed.  1,035 pictures - all in one Very Special Cosplay Burlesque Podcast episode - just for you!

Music:  "I Banged A Sinner" by Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival, from the album Kickin' The Devil In The Balls

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83 - Esmerelda May as "Raven"

Show announcements!

Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont will appear at Lewd & Lucky Burlesque's "Love Hurts...Boobs Heal" show Monday, February 11!

Cosplay Burlesque makes their Katsucon debut on Friday, Feb 15, at 10:30pm!

Come see various CPB troupe members perform with our good friends, the White Elephant Burlesque Society, at Wicked Faire 2013 Feb 15 - 17 in Somerset, NJ!

Next, Victoria Belmont (whoo, she gets around a lot!) will appear at the PA Burlesque Festival March 8 - 9 in Philadelphia, PA! 

Finally, CPB makes their proud debut at Zenkaikon March 22 - 24!

Now - this week!  Esmerelda May shows us her sexy Soul-Self as that spookiest of the Teen Titans - Raven!

Music: "What You Want" by Evanescence, from the album Evanescence

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82- Nana Valtiel as X-23

Upcoming shows!  

Fonda Feeling - Mistress of Geek Girls Boston Burlesque - will Ruin Your Childhood on Feb. 7 at Oberon in Cambridge, MA!

The whole Cosplay Burlesque troupe will shake their things at their Katsucon debut on Friday, Feb. 15!

That same weekend, check out CPB's very good friends the White Elephant Burlesque Society at Wicked Faire 2013 in Somerset, NJ!

And finally, come watch Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont perform both nights at the PA Burlesque Festival in Philly on Mar. 8 - 9 as her alter ego - Holly Ween!

On to the show!  This week, Nana Valtiel shows us her soft, cuddly side as Marvel's most gentle, loving, adamantium-enhanced assassin - X-23!

Music:  "Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback, from the album Dark Horse.

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