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Episode 23 - The Podcast Year In Review 2011

Faithful viewers - what a helluva ride 2011 was.  We launched the podcast and the store, and despite any hiccups, things have gone pretty darned smoothly.

We have viewers from nearly every nation in the world - including a core group of Dog Fort & Red Lobster fans from Singapore!  Every continent and culture boasts Cosplay Burlesque fans.  From Hong Kong to Sweden to Venezuela to Kuwait to our loyal fans in Mexico...Cosplay Burlesque has a global following!

For our last podcast of 2011, we're doing a "year in review."  One of the two shows at AnimeUSA had a "Best Of" theme, where our performers broke out their own personal and audience favorites.  We thought it would be fun to show you how acts can vary between shows - the venues, audience energy, and whims of the performers change every time, so that no two shows are identical.  

We've got Fearless Leader's Velma, The Real Nuriko's Princess Peach (never shown as a podcast before, but a staple at several shows), and Murder Nurse & Lil' Nemmy's Umbrella Corporation acts.  

Thanks for all of the support, you guys - we'll see you next year with new acts, new shows, and new and beloved performers! 

Victoria's Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

Nuriko's Music:  "Ode to the Bouncer" by Studio Killers.

Murder Nurse's Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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Episode 22 - Little Miss Rollerhoops as Daria

New in the store this week:  plush boobies pillows with pasties! You can fondle and squeeze these all you want, and security won't stomp your face in for it!

It's no secret that I like Christmas.  I like the presents, the goodwill towards men, the Charlie Brown specials, etc.  But that's because I, y'know, care and stuff.

Our performer tonight likes Christmas, too...only not because she cares.  No, she likes Christmas because it's a chance for her whole family to do something together...something that'll really make 'em suffer.  (smirk)

Little Miss Rollerhoops makes her Cosplay Burlesque debut this week as the most apathetic angel around, Daria.  (Note the period.  Exclamation points are for people who get excited. Period.)

Music:  "People Are Strange" by The Doors, from the album Strange Days.

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Episode 21 - Murder Nurse as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw!

This week in the store:  The Official Cosplay Burlesque 2012 Calendar!  Featuring 12 months of your favorite performers in your favorite performance!  It's here, it's ready for shipping, and it's the perfect Festivus gift! Order this week to get it in time for Christmas!

Now...who among our loyal Cosplay Burlesque fans loves Suda51?  How about James Gunn?  

Well, when the visionary behind No More Heroes and Fatal Frame IV and the director of the gloriously fucked-up Slither and Super get together, you get pure, undiluted genius.  Genius so potent that it should make your eyeballs bleed and steer the earth straight into the sun.  Genius so insanely awesome that Teddy Roosevelt would punch through time so he could party with Andrew W K.

Hot cheerleader...chainsaw...the voice of a Powerpuff Girl...rock-n-roll zombies...'scuse me, but my head just exploded.

Suda51's biggest fan is our very own Murder Nurse, who shows us how to push-em-back, hold-em-back, WAAAAY BACK as Juliet Starling, hero of the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw!

Music:  "Revenge" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

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Episode 20 - Madison Bartholemew as "Gigei"

This week's new merch:  Spookey Velvet as the Big Bad Wolf!

What is it about CLAMP that gets the ladies' attention?  Is it the elaborate costume designs?  The giant eyes?  The incredibly romantic storylines?

Not being a teenaged girl, I couldn't tell ya, but I can tell you this - Madison Bartholemew's RG Veda dance is certainly holding MY attention.  This week, she Gigei's her way across the stage with sharp objects and moves that will hypnotize and scandalize!

Music: "Polar Bear" by Puscifer, from the album "C" is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here).

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Very Special Thanksgiving Episode 2012 - Kriv as "Shaggy"

Gobble Gobble Gobble!  To celebrate the straining waistlines, groans of pain, and near-fatal cases of the Itus that you're all experiencing, we've called out the Master of Masters, Gastronome of Gastronomes, and Trencher of Trenchermen - Shaggy!  Kriv Scrivello both strips and chows down on this Very Special Thanksgiving episode!

Oh, and if you're thinking about your holiday shopping, why not stop by the Cosplay Burlesque Online Store?  Everyone loves posters, calendars, and t-shirts!  This week's new offering is an amazing poster of Esmerelda Athena May as a crazed shopper Bellatrix, looking positively predatory in all the right ways!

Music:  "Gravedigger Rock" by The Polecats, from the album Rockabilly Cats.

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Episode 18 - Victoria Belmont as "Velma"

We had a great time at AnimeUSA 2011 this weekend!  Two amazing shows - a year-end "Best Of" on Friday followed by a new theme, "Heroes vs. Villians" on Saturday!  Those of you who were there bore witness to the antics, jackassery, and sexy wholesale destruction of childhoods that make up a Cosplay Burlesque show!

Something else that happened this weekend - we launched a brand-new store!  Check it out at for all your poster, t-shirt, calendar, and other great merchandise needs!

Now, I think that Dorothy Parker got it wrong when she claimed that, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."  Really we modern nerds, geeks, and other icons of all know, smart girls with corrective eyewear are teh hawtness!  Bernadette Rostenkowski, Lisa Loeb, and Mari Illustrious Makinami all sport the ocular enhancements and have all clearly captured our hearts (and groins, amirite?).  

So this week, Victoria Belmont pays homage to the original myopic favorite, Velma!

Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

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Episode 17 - Luna Chase as "Sheik"

There really is no way to mistake the lovely Luna Chase for a dude.  Yet her history is just chock full of crossplay acts - Link, Draco Malfoy, and now...

This week, Luna Chase will teach us the songs of her people...oh yes, the sexy, sexy songs...

Music:  "Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith, from the album Permanent Vacation.

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Episode 16 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Bellatrix"

Oooohh, the magic of burlesque!  The magic of women, and all of their lovliness! 

Specifically, the magic of boobs!

This week, Esmerelda is a bad girl side as she casts her charms on us as Bellatrix!

Music:  "Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed, from the album Indestructible

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Bonus Halloween Episode - Holly Ween as Carrie White

This week, we have a special bonus episode for all of you Halloweenies out there!

I'm not saying that Victoria Belmont hears voices in her head...but she frequently has the urge to do acts based on horror movies, and when she does, she morphs into the incomparable Holly Ween, Mistress of All That Is Horror With Boobs. 

Holly chose to debut her Carrie act at the "Say My Name" Benefit for Aaron Haro, a transgender man who was fired for dubious reasons related to his sexual identity.  If you'd like to contribute to this cause, please contact the co-producers of this event, Geek Girl Productions and White Elephant Burlesque Society.

Music:  "Heads Will Roll" by Marion Raven, from the album Set Me Free.

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Episode 15 - Leo Arcanum as Leon Kennedy

For every action, there is a reaction.  For every crime, there must be a punishment.

So if you scare off the titties, you must then replace the titties!

This week, Leo Arcanum closes the cliffhanger from last week's episode, showing us his weapons of choice as Leon Kennedy.  

Music:  "Secret Agent Man," performed by Johnny Rivers, from the album, Johnny Rivers Greatest Hits.

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Episode 14 - Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy as the Umbrella Corporation

This week, Murder Nurse & Little Nemmy give us a great demonstration of Umbrella Corporation's latest domestic product - Nemesis, Special Homemaker's Edition!

Umbrella Corporation is a company whose name you can obviously trust.  Why, their Regenerate product line has kept this Dr. A/Vsian looking decades younger than his 90+ years on this planet.  Or maybe it's the green tea and Asian genes.  Whatever the case, you can be sure that I'll be in line for a Nemesis - it's gotta work better than my Roomba.

Music:  "Umbrella," as performed by Vanilla Sky, from the album Changes (Import Edition only)

Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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Episode 13 - Allen Ryde in "Bonjour Girl!"

Hey Audience-Dudes! 

Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont, Stage Manager Patti, Original Male Zenithan, Stage Kitten Josh, and I are all down in Orlando this week, enjoying all that is magical. 

Just so that you don't feel left out - here's Allen Ryde showing us what life is like in Provincetown as Belle!


Music:  "Bonjour Girl!" by wehoguy30

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Holly Ween's Horrorfest - featuring Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, and Moxie Cat!

Hey guys - if you're near NYC Tuesday the 11th, then come on by the Bowery Poetry Club to see Geek Girl Productions'  Holly Ween's Horrorfest!  Victoria Belmont be hosting and performing as her alias Holly Ween, doing her infamous Elvira act and shaking it for you all to see! 

Murder Nurse will be there as well, doing her best to raise the dead.  Troupe newcomer Moxie Cat performs as well, along with Attica Wilde and Jess Distress.  Juliet Jeske will be co-hosting as one of her hilarious characters!

Show starts at 10.  That's Tuesday, Oct 11, at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.  Holly Ween's Horrorfest, a Geek Girls Production.  See you there! 

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Episode 12 - Victoria Belmont as Red Lobster

This week - Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont holds out for a hero.  A real hero.  A hero who can get things done.  A hero who can...fetch the ball and sit behind the cushions?  

She is...RED LOBSTER.  This is...DOG FORT.

Music:  "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler (remixed by brlszl), from the soundtrack to Footloose.

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Victoria Belmont with WEBS and Geek Girls at Say My Name Benefit

Those of you around the NYC area tomorrow night (that's Thursday, Oct. 6) will want to check out the Say My Name Benefit for Aaron Haro and his partner.  Aaron is a transgender man who was recently fired for VERY dubious reasons related to his gender identity.  The proceeds of this benefit will go towards a fund allowing Aaron and his partner to legally change their names.

Our fearless leader Victoria Belmont will be performing in this three-way co-production between longtime Cosplay Burlesque collaborators White Elephant Burlesque Society and Geek Girl Productions (headed by former CPB performer Lo Hung) and queer-owned and -operated Crimson Kitty Productions (headed by an inaugural CPB performer N).  The lineup for this show is awesome:

  • Betsy Radical (WEBS regular)
  • Femme Fae LaButche (WEBS co-founder)
  • Honor Amongst Thieves 
  • JZ Bich 
  • Minnie Cupcakes 
  • Minne d’Moocha 
  • N (Crimson Kitty founder and inaugural CPB performer)
  • Regina Stargazer (WEBS regular, official Geek Girl  and CPB guest performer)
  • Victoria Belmont (CPB founder, official Geek Girl, and WEBS regular)
  • Viktor Devonne (WEBS founder)

If you can't make the show, donations are still welcome (see the event link).  

Come out, support a good cause, and help us take one more step towards LGBT  equality.

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Episode 11 - Esmerelda Athena May - Daft Punk Girl

Aaaannnnd we're back!  Sorry about the break last week, Burlesque-ateers - but things are back on track with a brand new episode!

Esmerelda Athena May makes her podcast debut with a rousing burlesque performance to my personal favorite Daft Punk song.  It's bombastic, robotastic, and more than a little boobtastic! 

Music:  "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk, from the album Discovery.

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Hey guys - we had to pull a significant number of our episodes tonight.  We can't really talk about it, but please understand that there is a very good reason for this and that we are very sorry that the old episodes are no longer available for distribution.


There won't be an update this week.  However, starting this coming Sunday, podcast episodes will resume.  Also starting next week, be sure to check out our new "Picture of the Day," featuring the best shots from our past performances over the years.  You can find these at and!/CosplayBurlyq


Our apologies for the hiccup.  We promise to make it up to you, even if it means that Dr. A/Vsian has to put down the damned camera and do an act himself.



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Very Special Episode 3 - Intervention 2011 Recap

So we spent the weekend in lovely Rockville, MD.  Rockville has an Arby's, a Papa Johns, a Verizon store, and some of the best damned Chinese food this A/Vsian has eaten on this side of the Pacific.

And oh yeah - Intervention 2011.  Rockville has Intervention 2011.

You can't really find two conventions more different from each other.  Otakon is massive; Intervention is intimate.  Otakon is very commercial; Intervention is artist-centric.  Otakon is in Maryland; Intervention is...oh wait, never mind.

Whatever the case, there is one thing that both conventions have - great audiences!  As was the case last year, all of Intervention packed itself into the performance room Saturday night for our second annual performance there.

Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Allen Ryde, Moxie Cat, Esmerelda Athena May, Leo Arcanum, and DJ Nak all shook their things, along with special guest Nemesis.  Uncle Yo kept it hostfully geeky with pitch-perfect snark.  

We had a great time in Rockville.  Intervention, please invite us back for 2012?  We promise to make the end times sexy!

(....and seriously, what the fuck is a Brony?  Intertubes, explain this to me!)

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Episode 9 - AnimeBoston 2011 - Victoria Belmont as Lulu

Special back-to-school midweek treat!  Bonus boobs!  Woot!

Victoria Belmont weaves her black magic and shows us her Moogles as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.  (Or is that 10?  Maybe XXX?  No, that would be "30," idiot.)

If you're in the DC/Rockville, MD this weekend, we'll be performing at Intervention, The Internet Culture Convention!  Fan favorites Victoria BelmontMurder NurseAllen RydeLeo Arcanum, and DJ Nak will be there, along with new performers Esmerelda May and Moxie Cat, plus awesomehost Uncle Yo! 

We have a table in the dealers room where you can come score some sweet merch (pasties ain't free, you know!) and meet the performers, get autographs, take pix, get a sketch, etc.  

Our good friends Dani and Bill from All New Issues will be at the table, too - so come get an awesome sketch!

The show is Saturday night, September 17, at 8pm in the Performance Room.  Come check it out!

Music:  "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen"  by Santana, from the album Abraxas.

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Episode 1 - Sucker Punch at AnimeBoston 2011

For our inaugural performance podcast episode, we present the ladies (mostly) of Cosplay Burlesque performing Sucker Punch at Anime Boston 2011!  

We feel that this performance exemplifies what Cosplay Burlesque is about - sexy ladies (and dudes) who are fangirls (and fanboys) doing sexy things (and, uh, more things)! 

Featuring Murder Nurse as Baby Doll.

Also starring:

Victoria Belmont as Madame Gorski

Lily Stiches as Rocket

Luna Chase as Blondie

Madison Bartholomew as Sweet Pea

Allen Ryde as Amber

Choreography by Victoria Belmont and Murder Nurse

Help support Cosplay Burlesque by buying the music and movie from Amazon!  We don't get paid for our shows - so by purchasing through us, you buy us gas and pasties so we can come perform for you!


"Chick Habit" performed by April March from the album Paris in April

"Sweet Dreams" performed by Emily Browning from the soundtrack to the movie

Sucker Punch is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray

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