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116 - Victoria Belmont as Elizabeth Comstock

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nov 2: Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

On the podcast - our resident queen of Halloween is none other than our Fearless Leader, Victoria Belmont, who also goes by the moniker Holly Ween.  This week, Victoria/Holly inhabits the most intriguing character of one of 2013's best games in one of it's most pivotal moments.  She's Elizabeth Comstock, and you are granted access to a glimpse of what happens behind a cut scene in Bioshock Infinite.

Music:  "Wish You Were Here" as performed by Rasputina, from the album The Lost and Found

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115 - The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette

Oct 25 - Boogie Down & Take It OffOrtlieb's, Philadelphia, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 30 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque Attic Extraveganza; New Brunswick, NJ (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 1 - Karnevil's Carnival In The Graveyard; McCoole's Red Lion Inn, Quakertown, PA (ft. Arson & Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - as we approach Halloween, it's time to look at some serious costume work.  Of all the recent shows, the most elaborate costume - and the most fabulous act - belongs to our resident drag queen.  It's The Real Nuriko as Marie Antoinette (from the series ACTUAL HISTORY FROM THE REAL WORLD READ A FREAKIN' BOOK PLEASE).

Music:  "Vogue" by Madonna, from the album I'm Breathless

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113 - Murder Nurse & Mr. E as Jill Valentine & Albert Wesker

Show Schedule:

Oct 12 - Woodbridge Ghost Walk; Woodbridge, NJ (ft. Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween)

Oct 12 - International Steampunk City at Speedwell; Morristown, NJ (ft. White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Oct 14 - Punk Rockin' & Pasty Poppin'; Midway Cafe in Boston, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 17 - Paws & Bras Benefit; Oberon in Cambridge, MA (ft. Fonda Feeling)

Oct 19 - Boolesque at PA Playhouse; Bethlehem, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

Oct 20 - Halloween Party by NJ Shutter Group; Mojo Lounge (ft. Holly Ween and Esmerelda May

Oct 21 - Lewd & Lucky Burlesque; Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY (ft. Holly Ween)

Nov 2 - Boolesque at Mauck Chunk Opera House; Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)

This week on the podcast - it's getting cold outside, so let's turn up the heat!  Sometimes, it's hard to tell who's the puppet, and who's pulling the strings.  Murder Nurse and Mr. E crank up the tension as each other's arch-nemesis - Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker!

Music:  "Pleasant Nightmare" by Danny Blu, from the album Do Your Worst, avaiable on iTunes and

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112 - Lord Maxwell as Dr. Zed (with Victoria, Esmerelda, Cherry, Murdernurse, & Nana)

Show Schedule:

10/4 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque's Holly Ween's Horror Fest 2 at Millhill Basement in Trenton, NJ

10/5 - Looking Glass Revue's Hallow-Wicked on Main at Lee Gribben's on Main in Easmus, PA

10/12 - Woodbridge Ghost Walk in Woodbridge, NJ

10/13 - International Steampunk City at Historic Speedwell in Morristown, NJ (featuring the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

This week on the podcast - in my dreams, I am surrounded by sultry brunettes, slinky blondes, and fiery redheads.  However, these lovlies usually SURVIVE my dreams.  Welcome Lord Maxell to Cosplay Burlesque, as he racks up the malpractice suits as everyone's favorite Fyrestone medico - Doctor Zed!

With able assistance from Victoria Belmont, Esmerelda May, Cherry E. Valentine, Murder Nurse, and Nana Valtiel

Music:  "Doctor's Orders" from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Catch Me If You Can, available on Amazon and iTunes

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