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Episode 27 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Miss Scarlet"

Hey Boston!  The very lovely Fonda Feeling and Geek Girls Boston are hosting Space Case Burlesque on February 2, 2012, at Club Oberon in Hahvahd Squahe.   Check out Club Oberon's website for details.

So...our ladies and dudes are totes famous.  Like our performer this week, Esmerelda...a cashier recognized her at Best Buy this week.  He was all like, "You're in Cosplay Burlesque!"  And she was all like, "Hell yeah!"  And he was all like, "You're hot!"  And she was all like, "Aw, thanks, sweetie - you should come to more of our shows!"

So he was like, "How do I find out where and when Cosplay Burlesque is performing?"  And she was like, "At!  The totally revamped website has all of our upcoming shows, plus you can watch our podcast episodes right there!"  And he was all like, "Sweet!"

This week, the captivating Esmerelda Athena May ensnares us with a mystery...and Miss Scarlet!

Music:  "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" by Alex Swings Oscar Sings, from the album Heart 4 Sale.

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Episode 26 - Murder Nurse as "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes

If you haven't heard, our own beautiful blonde, Murder Nurse, is in LA this week auditioning for the live-action promotional model of Juliet Starling from the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw.  From the amazing team of Suda51 (Fatal Frame IV, No More Heroes) and James Gunn (Slither, Super), this game promises to be the ultimate adolescent fanboy fantasy brought to life.  

Murder Nurse is already known for her Suda51 cosplays - such as her famous "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes.  Here's the premier performance of the act from 2011 - petticoats, baseball bat, and all!

PS - check out the "Bad Girl" poster from the store!

PPS - Thanks to all everyone who helped campaign on Murder Nurse's behalf!

Music:  "My Leftovers" by Porcelain and the Tramps

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Episode 25 - Kriv Scrivello as Simon from Gurren Lagann

This week, something for anyone who digs dudes.  Figuratively or literally.  And by dig, I mean, y'know, drillin'.

Kriv Scrivello digs his way out of the earth and into your pants as Simon from Gurren Lagann!

Music:  "New Vibration" by Collective Soul, from the album Afterwords

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Episode 24 - Fonda Feeling as Poison Ivy

Happy 2012, faithful viewers!  Less than a year away 'till the end of the world...unless the supervillians have their way.

Now we all know who has the best villians - The Goddamn Batman, that's who.  His Rogue's Gallery is chock-full of the most awesome, messed-up psychos to ever rob a bank or heist some jewels.  

Batman is also has the most wood-inspiring bad guys, and I'm not talking about Woodrue.  Naw, if there's any villian guaranteed to give 'em a "green thumb" (har har), it's the lovely, the luscious Poison Ivy.  

This week, Fonda Feeling shows us just how to open her petals in a Cosplay Burlesque performance in her hometown of Boston.  Besides Cosplay Burlesque performances, you can also see Fonda heading up the Boston branch of Geek Girl Productions.  Check them out this coming February 2 at Oberon for their Space Case show!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

P.S. - Hello to all of our new fans in Kuwait!

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