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140 - AnimeUSA 2014 Show Recap

Show Schedule:
10/18 - NIJICON - Official Cosplay Burlseque Show!
1023 - Looking Glass Revue's Spook & Spell Peep Show (ft. Mika Romantic)
10/26 -  Smoke & Mirrors Peep Show at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ (ft. Holly Ween)
11/1 - BOOlesque in Jim Thorpe, PA (ft. Holly Ween)
11/8 - White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Geeky Kink Event (ft. Holly Ween, Viktor Devonne & Esmerelda May)

This week on the podcast - we recap the madness that is our ANNUAL DOUBLE SHOW at AnimeUSA.  For 2014, we did a night of Heroes - and a night of Villians!  Who was your favorite?

With Oliver Swisskey, Mr. E, Murder Nurse, Nana Valtiel, Cherry Valentine, Esmerelda May, Mitsuki Aika, Doe Eyes, Allen Ryde, The Real Nuriko, co-host Triple Jay, and (relentless slavedriver) Holly Ween!

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