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100 - Nana Valtiel as Maya

100 Episodes!  Wow...

When we started this podcast in 2011 in a hotel room in Baltimore, I never thought we'd get this far.  A little less than two years later, and we've officially hit triple digits.  You guys - the fans of Cosplay Burlesque - are the entire reason we started this little online distribution.  Thanks for watching, and for coming out to the shows!

This week - she may not sing any songs, but she's a Siren nonetheless.  Nana Valtiel doesn't need Phaselock to keep audiences riveted to their seats as Maya (in Vault Hunter mode, of course)!

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99 - AnimeNext 2013 Borderlands Show Recap

Show Schedule: Come down to Asbury Lanes on Friday, 6/21 for Dr. Sketchy Asbury Park's Cracy Catlady Chartiy Event Part 2!  Check out the White Elephant Burlesque Society on Leather Pride Night on Saturday, 6/22 at XL in NYC, and come on out to Lucky 13 Saloon on 7/1 for The Lewd and Lucky Show!  All shows feature CPB's Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween) and also include CPB's Regina Stargazer, Scarlet Stepford, and Luna Chase.

This week, we bring you a Very Special Episode by recapping the awesomeness that was the AnimeNext 2013 Borderlands Show!  Relive your trip through Pandora with a mix of photos, video clips, and behind-the-scenes outtakes featuring the entire cast of the show.  It's an extra-long episode to celebrate extra levels of insanity, dudity, and SEXY DANCING!


"Booty City" by Black Joe Lewisi, from the album Scandalous

"Golden Sun" by Fenech-Soler, from the album Fenech Soler

"Bambina (Go! Go! Version)" by Tomoyasu Hotei, from the album All Time Super Best

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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian is hanging out at dockside bars this week.  In the meantime, why not enjoy some public service announcements from the Joes of the GI?

From the fine folks at Fensler Films.

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98 - Uncle Yo - Is That All There Is?

AnimeNext!  AnimeNext!  ANIMENEXT 2013!!!!

It's the home show, and it's this weekend!  Come out and see our biggest show of the year!  We promise you a show that will BLOW. YOUR. MINDS.  :)

What's that?  You want a sneak peek?  Weeellll....okay...

This week on the podcast - a sneak peek at what we've got in store for you at AnimeNext 2013, and host Uncle Yo's hilarious tribute to Sleep No More - Is That All There Is?

Music:  "Is That All There Is?" by Peggy Lee, from the album Is That All There Is?

Special Guest: Charles Dunbar as the "Man in the Mask"

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