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76 - 2012 Holiday Special

Happy Holidays!  Good burlesque fans are getting a special treat in their stockings this year - three performances in one Very Special Episode!

To start - Victoria Belmont, Esmerelda May, and Little Miss Rollerhoops are completely bewitching in Hocus Pocus!

Next - The Real Nuriko explains just what happened to Santa's cookies as Cookie Monster!

Finally - Esmerelda May wraps herself as your final present.  She's Oogie Boogie, and she's gonna scare the pants offa someone!

Music:  "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, from the album At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Music:  "Share It Maybe" by Cookie Monster.

Music:  "Oogie Boogie's Song" by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, from The Nightmare Before Christmas OST.

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75 - Cherry Valentine as "Angel Salvadore"

This week, the very lovely Cherry Valentine shows us just how bad her attitude can be as Angel Salvadore!  

Music: "Change (In The House Of Flies)" by Deftones, from the album White Pony.

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74 - Nana Valtiel as "Sailor Pluto"

This week, the very lovely and deviant Nana Valtiel shows us just how she guards the Door of Space-time as Sailor Pluto!

Music:  "Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace, from the album One-X.

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73 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Mad Moxxi"

Okay, this might sound just a little too Republican of me, but I loooove chicks with guns.  It's the perfect marriage of sex, technology, and EXTREME VIOLENCE

So this week, Esmerelda Athena May hits all the sweet spots as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2!

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72 - Mr. E. as Albert Wesker

There's a new stud in the stable!  This week, we introduce Mr. E, being so very devilishly handsome, as the man who put the "E"vil in CEO - Resident Evil's Albert Wesker!

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71 - Fonda Feeling as Shampoo

This week, Fonda Feeling returns to Cosplay Burlesque to deliver some deliciousness in the form of everyone's favorite stalker delivery girl,Shampoo!

Music:  "Straight to Video" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album Straight to Video.

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70 - BAMF Girls Club

AnimeUSA 2012 was badass!  How badass, you ask?  So badass, we had to get the baddest-assiest mutha-fuckin' girls together for the show!

That's right - this week, we present The BAMF Girls Club!  Starring Cherry Valentine as Hermione; Esmerelda Athena May as Katniss; Nana Valtiel as Michone; Murder Nurse as Buffy; Victoria Belmont as Lisbeth; and Fonda Feeling as Bella - it's the reality show that you wish they'd have the balls to make.


"A Kind of Magic" by Queen, from the album A Kind of Magic.

"Uprising" by Muse, from the album The Resistance.

"Demon Speeding" by Rob Zombie, from the album The Sinister Urge.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme" by Nerf Herder, from the album Buffy The Vampire Slayer:  The Album.

"Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, from the album Bad Reputation.

"Gay Boyfriend (UK Remix)" by The Hazzards, from the single Gay Boyfriend.

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69 - Murder Nurse as Slender Man

First of all, we hope that everyone is okay from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  We lost power for 72 hours at Cosplay Burlesque Headquarters in New Jersey, but other than that, everything else was fine.  

This week, to wrap up the Halloween (that nearly wasn't), we bring you the creepiest thing on the Internet - Slender Man - as portrayed by the cutest thing on the Internet - Murder Nurse!

Music:  "20 Dollars," by Ron Browz, from the album Timeless EP.

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68 - Halloween Special Episode Featuring Murder Nurse, Luna Chase, and Victoria Belmont!

This week, we showcase three ghoulishly sexy performances from three of our horribly lovely ladies!  First, Murder Nurse as Drusilla; next, Luna Chase as Death; and finally, Victoria Belmont as Edward Scissorhands!  This video was shot at the 2011 Steampunk Worlds Fair, one of our favorite events - you should check it out!


"Transylvanian Concubine" by Rasputina, from the album Thanks for the Ether.

"Marble House" by The Knife, from the album Silent Shout.

"Ice Dance" by Danny Elfman, from the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands.

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67 - Allen Ryde as Duke Devlin

This week, we bring back the mens of Cosplay Boylesque!  Allen Ryde shakes his stuff (his dice, you pervs) as Duke Devlin from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Music:  "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake, from the album FutureSex/LoveSounds.

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66 - Cherry Valentine as Forever Alone

Introducing the delightfully sweet Cherry Valentine and her deliciously tart take on the Forever Alone meme!

Music:  "One" as performed by Three Dog Night, from the album Three Dog Night

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65 - Victoria Belmont as The Honey Badger

Her name is Victoria Belmont.  She don't give a shit.  Well, actually, she does - in fact, she'll fuck your shit up, that's how many shits she gives.  This week, our Fearless Leader returns as The Honey Badger!

Music:  "Honey Badger Anthem" by Barry Laminack, available at

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64 - Nana Valtiel performing "Gundam Style"

Introducing the spastically sultry Nana Valtiel, getting her meme on and performing "Gundam Style!"

Music:  "Gundam Style" by Psy.

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62 - Intervention 2012 Recap

We had a great time at Intevention 2012!  Thanks to everyone who come out to see the show, visit our booth, and bid at the charity auction!

This week, we bring you some highlights from this year's show, featuring more of your favorite internet memes!

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62 - Geek Girl Productions Comics Show (Issue 3)

If you're coming to Intervention (the Internet Culture Convention) in the Washington, DC area, our show has been scheduled for 8pm on Friday, September 21.  Performing this time around are:

Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Esmerelda Athena May, Leo Arcanum, Allen Ryde, and CPB first-timer, Cherry!

This week, we feature our sister troupe, Geek Girl Productions!  Founded by CPB stud Chris Lee (aka Lo Hung), the girls of GGP performed their third annual Comic Book Show earlier in 2012.  We've decided to shake things up and have them play 20 Questions backstage.  Think fast!

Featuring:  Scarlet Stepford, Emmy Electric, Murder Nurse, and Leo Arcanum.

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61 - Very Special Episode - WEBS Tribute to Lady Gaga

Hey all you Burlesque-a-teers!  (Burlesquers?  Burlesqueheads?)  Just a reminder that Intervention (The Internet Culture Convention) is in two weekends!  Come check out our show and hang out with us in the dealer's room!

This week, we showcase our very dear friends, The White Elephant Burlesque Society.  This particular performance was commissioned by Rutgers University BiGLARU as part of their "Gaga for Gaga" charity event in 2010.  WEBS founder Viktor Devonne and WEBS regulars Regina Stargazer and Holly Ween (aka CPB's very own Victoria Belmont) all presented their interpretations of Lady Gaga's madness.  It was - in a word - fabulous.  

Music:  "Poker Face," from the album The Fame; and "Bad Romance" and "Monster" from the album The Fame Monster.

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60 - Muder Nurse as Loki

Are you ready for Intervention?  We are!  It's gonna be awesome, rad, and tubular TO THE MAX.  (Word, yo.)

This week, Murder Nurse schemes and plots her way into your hearts (and pants) as Loki!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

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58 - Luna Chase as GLaDOS

We've got some great shows coming up - Intervention and AnimeUSA!  Check the show schedule at the start of each episode for more details.

This week, Luna Chase shows us just how she handles a joystick as Aperture Science's GLaDOS!

Music: "The Girl and The Robot" by Röyksopp, from the album Junior.

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57 - Leo Arcanum & Luna Chase as Ash & Pikachu

We've got some shows coming up soon!  As always, the current show schedule starts every episodes, so check it out for Pi-Con, Intervention, and AnimeUSA news.

This week, Leo Arcanum and Luna Chase play the Capitol District's favorite Pokemon - Ash and Pikachu!

Music:  "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera, from the album of the same name.

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55 - Esmerelda Athena May as Katniss Everdeen

This week, Esmerelda Athena May turns up the heat as the original Girl On Fire, Katniss Everdeen!

Music:  "Uprising" by Muse, from the album The Resistance.

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53 - Fantasie De Light as Lily from Project Diva

If you're going to Otakon 2012, you should check out Cosplay Burlesque's Workshop, "So You Think You Can Burlesque!"  This workshop in shaking it will be taught by Esmerelda Athena May, Murder Nurse, and our Fearless Leader, Victoria Belmont.  Come to the class to learn the fine art of tease, stocking removal, and proper pastie maintenance!

This week, Fantasie D. Light shows us just how delightful a diva can be as the Vocaloid known as Lily!

Music:  "Po Pi Po" by Hatsune Miku, from the game Project Diva.

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52 - Luna Chase as Mario (redux)

Anyone who's going to Otakon should post questions for the Cosplay Burlesque Panel on our Facebook page (here and here)!

This week, we bring back a fan favorite act.  Last year, we were forced to pull certain videos from the podcast.  This year's AnimeNext gave us the opportunity to bring one of those acts back to you.  Luna Chase reprises her version of our favorite ethnically stereotypical Italian plumber - Mario!

Music:  "Mario Techno Remix" by Roboj911, available at

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51 - Murder Nurse as "Video Training Girl" from Battle Royale

This week, Murder Nurse shows us very closely how to do things right as the Training Video Girl from Battle Royale!

Music:  "Lucky" (nightcore version) by Lucky Twice, from the album Young & Clever.

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Episode 50 - Leo Arcanum as Peeta

Are you free Thursday night?  Need some more hot Cosplay Burlesque action?  Why not come out to see the ladies of CPB?  Esmerelda Athena May, Luna Chase, Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, Scarlet Stepford, and CPB Guest Performer Moxie Cat will be dancing for Epic Win Burlesque at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ!  That's Thursday, June 28, at 8:30 pm.  More info at

This week, Leo Arcanum (ably assisted by Esmerelda Athena May) deploys a basket full of bad bread puns as Peeta from The Hunger Games!

Music: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction, from the album Up All Night.

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Episode 50 delayed

We're so sorry!  Due to technical difficulties, the podcast will be delayed by a few days.  It should be up by Tuesday night.  Sumimasen!

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Episode 49 - Battle Royale

This is probably the most cost-effective act Cosplay Burlesque has done - 7 mini-acts in one episode!  That's like a huge bargain, if this podcast weren't free!

This week, Victoria Belmont, Luna Chase, Leo Arcanum, Esmerelda Athena May, Spookey Velvet, Murder Nurse, and The Real Nuriko bring to life the dystopian classic Battle Royale!


"99 Problems" by Hugo, from the album Old Tyme Religion.

"Ode the Bouncer" by the Studio Killers, from the single of the same name.

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, from the album Slippery When Wet

"24" by Jem, from the album Finally Woken

"Spooky" by Lydia Lunch, from the album Queen of Siam

"Judith" by A Perfect Circle, from the album Mer de Noms

"Charleston" by Sam Levine, from the album Dixieland Jazz.

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Episode 48 - 5th Annual AnimeNext Hunger Games Recap

We had a great time at the home con, AnimeNext 2012!  Thanks to the terrific audience that came out to watch our 5th Annual Cosplay Burlesque Hunger Games!  This week, we recap that momentous occasion with a six-and-a-half-minute retelling of the grandest, sexiest, and most scandalous epic we've ever told!

Also, if you want to see the lovely performers of Cosplay Burlesque again very soon, head over to Epic Win Burlesque's Nerdy Jersey Girl show on Thursday, June 28 in Garwood NJ!  , 

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Episode 48 will be delayed

Hey fans, we had a great time at AnimeNext 2012!  Unfortunately, our podcast editor Dr. A/V-sian had to work all weekend when he wasn't busy filming us performing or doing panels, so this week's episode will be delayed.  We promise to beat him silly when he's finally awake enough to feel it.  We're really sorry - sumimasen!  

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Very Special Episode 47 - A Sneak Peek at AnimeNext 2012

Cosplay Burlesque's big annual AnimeNext show is this Friday (June 8) at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ.  To whet your appetite for THE BIG SHOW, here's a sneak peek at what's coming Friday at 11 pm...and a recap of last year's amazing Scooby Doo show!

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Episode 46 - Kriv Scrivello as Daryl Dixon from "The Walking Dead"

Just a reminder, AnimeNext 2012 is next week!  CPB will be putting on their BAS (that's "Big Annual Show") on Friday, June 8, at 11pm in the Garden State Exhibit Center!  AnimeNext is always a lot of fun, and we're always excited to bring to your our biggest and most ambitious shows to our home con and audience!

If you want t-shirts and posters, make sure to catch us after the show!  We'll have some merchandise there for your buying pleasure!

Now, onto this week's episode.  There's always that one character that you hate!  This week, Kriv Scrivello brings us bad attitude and swagger as The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon!

Music:  "Sonne Undone" by Rammstein and Korn, mashup by WickedBoy6, available at

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Episode 45 - Esmerelda Athena May as River Tam

Reminder:  AnimeNext 2012 is coming in two weeks!  ANext is CPB's home show, and we promise something special again this year! 

This week, Esmerelda Athena May shows us just how HAWT a mess can be as Firefly's River Tam!

Music:  "Going Under" by Evanescence, from the album Fallen

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Episode 44 - Fonda Feeling as "Bee Girl"

This week, the furiously sexy Fonda Feeling takes us back to the Nineties with her take on the classic music video mascot, Bee Girl!

Music:  "No Rain" by Blind Melon, from the album Blind Melon.

Direct download: Episode_44_-_Fonda_Feeling_-_Bee_Girl.mp4
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Episode 43 - Murder Nurse as "Yuno Gasai" from Future Diary

This week, Murder Nurse shows us just how unbelievably sexy resurrection can be.  We don't want to live in any universe where she's not, and this week, she gives us a taste of parallel realities as Yuno Gasai from Future Diary!

Also, next week, you can see CPB performers working with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Steampunk World's Fair!

Music:  "#1 Crush" by Garbage, from the album Absolute Garbage.

Direct download: Episode_43_-_Murder_Nurse_-_Yuno_Gasai.mp4
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Episode 41 - Fantasie D. Light as Chii

Technology...moves so damned quickly these days, doesn't it?  Pong, Nintendo, the's really only a matter of time until we get actual Persocoms.  Computers built like cute girls...hmmmm, might be a bit distracting.  Especially if they're built like our performer this week.  From Cleveland, the lovely, the talented Fantasie D. Light does some websurfing for us as everyone's favorite Chobit - Chii!

Music:  "Let Me Be With You" by Round Table featuring Nino, from the album April.

Direct download: Episode_41_-_Fantasie_D_Light_as_Chii.mp4
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Episode 40 - Victoria Belmont as Vriska Serket

Just what in the hell is Homestuck?  I don't get it.  I tried reading through one-a-them MS Paint Adventures and got lost in a pesterlogsomewhere.  Maybe the wiki can help me.  Nope, just made my headache worse.

Whatever the case, I never thought I'd get turned on by a troll...but then I saw this act and suddenly silver paint is awfully arousing.  This week, Victoria Belmont shows us her doomsday devices as Homestuck's Vriska Serket!

Music:  "Me So Horny" as performed by Revolting Cocks, from the album Got Cock?

Direct download: Episode_40_-_Victoria_Belmont_as_Vrsika_Serket.mp4
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Episode 39 - Esmerelda Athena May as Abby Sciuto

The sexy, who doesn't love one?   The lab coat, the awkwardness, the slow, smouldering looks over the centrifuge, the lingering touches as you pass the micropippetor...

Plus, the latex gloves.  And test tubes.  You know, all the staples of a great Friday night in the lab, when anything and everything can happen.

This week, we present one of the great scientists of television - the very lovely forensic scientist of NCIS.  Our very own sultry brunette Esmerelda Athena May brings us the one, the only - Abby Sciuto!

Music:  "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby, from the album The Golden Age of Wireless.

Direct download: Episode_39_-_Esmerelda_May_as_Abby_Sciuto.mp4
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Episode 38 - ICON 31 Sneak Peek

Hey kids!  Like movies?  Like the characters in the movies?  Would ya like to see those characters do some naughty things on stage?  Would you like to see your favorite Cosplay Burlesque performers being those naughty characters?  Then come on down to the Bowery Poetry Club this Tuesday, April 10, for Geek Girl Productions' Pasties and Popcorn show!  Featuring Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween), Esmerelda Athena May, and Kriv Scrivello from CPB, plus CPB Guest Performer Little Miss Rollerhoops - this show is going to knock your socks off!

Onto this week's episode - ICON 31!  Hidden in the wilds of Long Island is a great convention devoted to all things Science Fiction.  We have a great time every year at this con, and this year, we're devoting an entire episode to just showing you snippets of the whole show. Sit back, relax, and make sure your grandmother can clearly see, as we bring you the ICON 31 Preview!

Direct download: Episode_38_-_ICON_31_Preview.mp4
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Episode 37 - Fonda Feeling as Misa Misa

Hey guys!  We had a great time at ICON 31!  Thanks to the great staff and the terrific audience!  Between the girls at stage left hootin' and hollerin' at every little thing and Dr. Frankenfurter joining in, ICON has become one of our favorite places to be!

Now, CPB's next full show is scheduled for AnimeNext 2012, which is in June.  However, you can see many of CPB's great performers working with other troupes in the tri-state area.  For instance, on April 10, Victoria Belmont and Esmerelda May will be performing with Geek Girl Productions for the Pasties & Popcorn show.  Also, CPB performers can be seen with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Steampunk Worlds Fair from May 18 -20.  

Onto this week's feature!  We won't be at AnimeBoston this year, but that doesn't mean we can't bring Boston to Cosplay Burlesque!  Back from Beantown and ready to rock your world, Fonda Feeling comes us as Misa Misa from Death Note!

Music:  "Sweet Sour" by Band of Skulls, from the album Sweet Sour.

Direct download: Episode_37_-_Fonda_Feeling_as_Misa_Misa.mp4
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Episode 36 - Sunny Flowers as C.C. from "Code Geass"

Hey all you sci-fi nerds!  Want to see Cosplay Burlesque do some acts tailored specifically for your type of fandom?  Then come on out to ICON 31 at SUNY Stonybrook this weekend!  That's right - CPB's second official show of the year will be in Ronkonkoma, Long Island Friday, March 30, to shake it and make it JUST FOR YOU!  Check out this week's episode for a full roster preview of the acts - there's some Zim, some Firefly, and some Dr. Who action coming your way, plus a whole lotta other stuff that's guaranteed to eject your warp core!

Now, for this week's act...Sunny Flowers is a new addition to the Cosplay Burlesque ranks, and what an impressive debut!  Her slow, burning interpretation of an immortal who can bestow mysterious powers is simply...well, let's say it left this editor sweating, and it wasn't the March weather that did it.  Help us welcome Sunny to Cosplay Burlesque, and enjoy her as C.C. from Code Geass!

Music:  "Sail" by AWOLNATION, from the album Megalithic Symphony.

Direct download: Episode_36_-_Sunny_Flowers_as_CC.mp4
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Episode 35 - Kriv Scrivello as Naota Nandaba from "FLCL"

Nerds, astronauts, and other affiliated types of geek - come out to ICON31 in two weekends!  Cosplay Burlesque will be performing Friday, March 30, at our second official show of the year!  This year, we've got the big auditorium, so come check out an even bigger show than before!  In past years at ICON, an incredible science fiction con, there have been zombie acts, Buffy acts, Final Fantasy acts, Little Shop of Horror acts...even a Simpsons act!  The shows just keep getting bigger at ICON!  Come on out to the SUNY Stonybrook Campus on Long Island and check it out!

Now, for the main event...rock n' roll, robots, aliens, and a healthy dose of television.  No, it's not a B-movie marathon...and it's not a recipe for raising children to be flabby and socially's FLCL!  Kriv Scrivello jams out on a totally boss Rickenbacker and lends his sexy, sexy head to channel Naoto Nandaba!

Music:  "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, from the album Whatever.

Direct download: Episode_35_-_Kriv_Scrivello_as_Naota.mp4
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Episode 34 - Regina Stargazer as The Fisherman's Wife

If you're in NYC this coming Tuesday, you should definitely check out Geek Girl Production's Annual Comic Book Show (Issue #3)!  Founded by our very own Lo Hung, GGP's annual extraveganza of sequential tarts (har har) include Cosplay Burlesque performers Scarlet Stepford, Leo Arcanum, and Murder Nurse, along with city cutie Emmy Electric!  10pm, Tuesday March 13, at the Bowery Poetry Club!

For this week's episode, we delve into serious art.  I'm talking high culture, people.  You're all familiar with The Great Wave Over Kanagawa?  Well, the artist, Hokusai, didn't limit himself to landscapes and nature scenes.  You see, he was also concerned with the great societal issues of the day - like cephalophilia.  Even back in the 1800's, tentacle-on-woman action was already a thing.  Japan is such a progressive country.

Our very own Regina Stargazer (you might also know her from her many personae with the White Elephant Burlesque Society) brings this classic woodcut to life this week as The Fisherman's Wife

Music:  "I Am One" by Javier Calderon, from the soundtrack to The Fashionistas (link VERY NSFW) (available in the deluxe DVD box set from Evil Angel Video)

Direct download: Episode_34_-_Regina_Stargazer_as_The_Fishermans_Wife.mp4
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Episode 33 - Murder Nurse as Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Hey all! Uncle Yo, who hosts for CPB shows, has a brand new podcast!  Check out "We Are The Geek by Uncle Yo," a weekly discussion of anime, games, comics, movies, and all things geeky!  Subscribe to the iTunes feed or check out the blog

If you're around NYC this coming Tuesday (March 13), check out Geek Girl Production's Comics Show (Issue #3)!  Featuring CPB's very own Scarlet Stepford, Murder Nurse, and Leo Arcanum, GGP's annual Comics Show is not to be missed!

This week - Murder Nurse lives up to her name (well, the first part) as "sexy girl version" Ezio da Auditore Firenze from Assasin's Creed: Revelations!

Music:  "Criminal" by Britney Spears, from the album Femme Fatale.

Direct download: Episode_33_-_Murder_Nurse_as_Ezio.mp4
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Episode 32 - Victoria Belmont as Holly Ween + MangaNext 2012 Revue

MangaNext 2012!  What can I say - it's a young show but a great one!  Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, DJ Nak, Allen Ryde, Kriv Scrivello, The Real Nuriko, Esmerelda Athena May, Fonda Feeling, Regina Stargazer, Leo Arcanum, and amazing newcomer Sunny Flowers all did marvelous!   This week's episode includes a brief revue of the show - full-length videos coming soon!

If you missed MangaNext 2012 last weekend, never fear!  We'll be at I-Con 2012 at the end of March (SUNY Stonybrook) and AnimeNext 2012 in June!  

Plus, some of the lovely ladies of Cosplay Burlesque will be featured in Geek Girl Productions 3rd Annual Comic Book show!

On to this week's main event - as some of you know, there's some serious overlap between Cosplay Burlesque and New Jersey's own infamous White Elephant Burlesque Society.  Fearless Leader Victoria Belmont performs with WEBS as Holly Ween.  This week, we see the harder, more dominant side of Victoria/Holly as she does her turn in Military Fashion Show!

Music:  "Military Fashion Show" by And One, from the album Bodypop

Episode 31 - Arson as Richter Belmont

Guess what's coming up this weekend?  That's right - MangaNext 2012!  Three days of manga goodness - complete with Cosplay Burlesque show Friday night!  Come see the first official show of the year on February 24 at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conference Center.  More details at  

Now for the main event...let's go down the checklist.  Whips - check.  Hair - check.  Metal - check.  It's either Castlevania, or it's Arson...or it's both!   This week, Arson steals our hearts (to power up his subweapons) as Richter Belmont!

Music:  "Doctor Doctor" by UFO, from the album Phenomenon.

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Episode 30 - Fonda Feeling as Fay Valentine

This weekend, you can see many of your favorite Cosplay Burlesque performers performing at Wicked Faire in Somerset, NJ!  If you like renn faires, steampunk, goth, and kink, you'll LOVE Wicked Faire!  The CPB boys and girls will be performing with the White Elephant Burlesque Society and at the Goblin Market interactive event.  Come check out this awesomeness!

Also, MangaNext 2012 is coming up soon!  Come check out the first full-fledged Cosplay Burlesque show of the year!  You can find all official CPB show dates at

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  This week, the incredible Fonda Feeling shows us just how space cowboys do romance the bebops as the smokin' hot Fay Valentine!

Music:  "Am I Sexy?" by Lords of Acid, from the album Private Parts.

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Episode 29 - Luna Chase as Freya

So as you know, the girls and boys of Cosplay Burlesque often perform with other troupes - most notably, the White Elephant Burlesque Society and Geek Girl Productions.  Next week, check out the Gothica Fashion Show at Delancey Lounge (put together by our very own Lo Hung, founder of GGP).

Also in February, various CPB performers will be performing at the 2012 Wicked Faire in Somerset, NJ.  Wicked Faire is a weekend-long event - an amazing gathering of goth/Rennie/steampunk - type folks in one amazingly alternative place to do awesome stuff.  Check out the Goblin Market and also the WEBS Haunted Hotel - both will be amazing interactive environments sure to wow your senses, shock your sensabilities, and titillate 

This week - Luna Chase shows us the darker side of adorable as Freya from Chobits!

Music:  "Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp, from the album Supernature.

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Episode 27 - Esmerelda Athena May as "Miss Scarlet"

Hey Boston!  The very lovely Fonda Feeling and Geek Girls Boston are hosting Space Case Burlesque on February 2, 2012, at Club Oberon in Hahvahd Squahe.   Check out Club Oberon's website for details.

So...our ladies and dudes are totes famous.  Like our performer this week, Esmerelda...a cashier recognized her at Best Buy this week.  He was all like, "You're in Cosplay Burlesque!"  And she was all like, "Hell yeah!"  And he was all like, "You're hot!"  And she was all like, "Aw, thanks, sweetie - you should come to more of our shows!"

So he was like, "How do I find out where and when Cosplay Burlesque is performing?"  And she was like, "At!  The totally revamped website has all of our upcoming shows, plus you can watch our podcast episodes right there!"  And he was all like, "Sweet!"

This week, the captivating Esmerelda Athena May ensnares us with a mystery...and Miss Scarlet!

Music:  "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" by Alex Swings Oscar Sings, from the album Heart 4 Sale.

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Episode 26 - Murder Nurse as "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes

If you haven't heard, our own beautiful blonde, Murder Nurse, is in LA this week auditioning for the live-action promotional model of Juliet Starling from the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw.  From the amazing team of Suda51 (Fatal Frame IV, No More Heroes) and James Gunn (Slither, Super), this game promises to be the ultimate adolescent fanboy fantasy brought to life.  

Murder Nurse is already known for her Suda51 cosplays - such as her famous "Bad Girl" from No More Heroes.  Here's the premier performance of the act from 2011 - petticoats, baseball bat, and all!

PS - check out the "Bad Girl" poster from the store!

PPS - Thanks to all everyone who helped campaign on Murder Nurse's behalf!

Music:  "My Leftovers" by Porcelain and the Tramps

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Episode 25 - Kriv Scrivello as Simon from Gurren Lagann

This week, something for anyone who digs dudes.  Figuratively or literally.  And by dig, I mean, y'know, drillin'.

Kriv Scrivello digs his way out of the earth and into your pants as Simon from Gurren Lagann!

Music:  "New Vibration" by Collective Soul, from the album Afterwords

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Episode 24 - Fonda Feeling as Poison Ivy

Happy 2012, faithful viewers!  Less than a year away 'till the end of the world...unless the supervillians have their way.

Now we all know who has the best villians - The Goddamn Batman, that's who.  His Rogue's Gallery is chock-full of the most awesome, messed-up psychos to ever rob a bank or heist some jewels.  

Batman is also has the most wood-inspiring bad guys, and I'm not talking about Woodrue.  Naw, if there's any villian guaranteed to give 'em a "green thumb" (har har), it's the lovely, the luscious Poison Ivy.  

This week, Fonda Feeling shows us just how to open her petals in a Cosplay Burlesque performance in her hometown of Boston.  Besides Cosplay Burlesque performances, you can also see Fonda heading up the Boston branch of Geek Girl Productions.  Check them out this coming February 2 at Oberon for their Space Case show!

Music:  "Mastermind" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

P.S. - Hello to all of our new fans in Kuwait!

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