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Episode 23 - The Podcast Year In Review 2011

Faithful viewers - what a helluva ride 2011 was.  We launched the podcast and the store, and despite any hiccups, things have gone pretty darned smoothly.

We have viewers from nearly every nation in the world - including a core group of Dog Fort & Red Lobster fans from Singapore!  Every continent and culture boasts Cosplay Burlesque fans.  From Hong Kong to Sweden to Venezuela to Kuwait to our loyal fans in Mexico...Cosplay Burlesque has a global following!

For our last podcast of 2011, we're doing a "year in review."  One of the two shows at AnimeUSA had a "Best Of" theme, where our performers broke out their own personal and audience favorites.  We thought it would be fun to show you how acts can vary between shows - the venues, audience energy, and whims of the performers change every time, so that no two shows are identical.  

We've got Fearless Leader's Velma, The Real Nuriko's Princess Peach (never shown as a podcast before, but a staple at several shows), and Murder Nurse & Lil' Nemmy's Umbrella Corporation acts.  

Thanks for all of the support, you guys - we'll see you next year with new acts, new shows, and new and beloved performers! 

Victoria's Music:  "Notice Me" by Alexa Ray Joel.

Nuriko's Music:  "Ode to the Bouncer" by Studio Killers.

Murder Nurse's Music:  "Umbrella" as performed by All Time Low, from the album Punk Goes Crunk.

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Episode 22 - Little Miss Rollerhoops as Daria

New in the store this week:  plush boobies pillows with pasties! You can fondle and squeeze these all you want, and security won't stomp your face in for it!

It's no secret that I like Christmas.  I like the presents, the goodwill towards men, the Charlie Brown specials, etc.  But that's because I, y'know, care and stuff.

Our performer tonight likes Christmas, too...only not because she cares.  No, she likes Christmas because it's a chance for her whole family to do something together...something that'll really make 'em suffer.  (smirk)

Little Miss Rollerhoops makes her Cosplay Burlesque debut this week as the most apathetic angel around, Daria.  (Note the period.  Exclamation points are for people who get excited. Period.)

Music:  "People Are Strange" by The Doors, from the album Strange Days.

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Episode 21 - Murder Nurse as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw!

This week in the store:  The Official Cosplay Burlesque 2012 Calendar!  Featuring 12 months of your favorite performers in your favorite performance!  It's here, it's ready for shipping, and it's the perfect Festivus gift! Order this week to get it in time for Christmas!

Now...who among our loyal Cosplay Burlesque fans loves Suda51?  How about James Gunn?  

Well, when the visionary behind No More Heroes and Fatal Frame IV and the director of the gloriously fucked-up Slither and Super get together, you get pure, undiluted genius.  Genius so potent that it should make your eyeballs bleed and steer the earth straight into the sun.  Genius so insanely awesome that Teddy Roosevelt would punch through time so he could party with Andrew W K.

Hot cheerleader...chainsaw...the voice of a Powerpuff Girl...rock-n-roll zombies...'scuse me, but my head just exploded.

Suda51's biggest fan is our very own Murder Nurse, who shows us how to push-em-back, hold-em-back, WAAAAY BACK as Juliet Starling, hero of the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw!

Music:  "Revenge" by Mindless Self Indulgence, from the album If.

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Episode 20 - Madison Bartholemew as "Gigei"

This week's new merch:  Spookey Velvet as the Big Bad Wolf!

What is it about CLAMP that gets the ladies' attention?  Is it the elaborate costume designs?  The giant eyes?  The incredibly romantic storylines?

Not being a teenaged girl, I couldn't tell ya, but I can tell you this - Madison Bartholemew's RG Veda dance is certainly holding MY attention.  This week, she Gigei's her way across the stage with sharp objects and moves that will hypnotize and scandalize!

Music: "Polar Bear" by Puscifer, from the album "C" is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here).

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