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108 - Luna Chase as Death

Show Schedule:  Join Fonda Feeling as she leads a bevy of Backbay burlesque beauties in Geek Girl Boston Burlesque's Cult Classics September Spooktacular on Sept 14 at Club OBERON in Cambridge.  Then hop in your car and drive down to DC for AnimeUSA 2013, featuring TWO full Cosplay Burlesque shows!

This week on the podcast:  we resurrect a previously featured act.  Luna Chase gets her goth on as that perkiest of Grim Reapers - Death!

Music:  "Marble House (Planningtorock Remix)" by The Knife, from the albums Silent Shout (original) and Marble House (remix)

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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian has been lost in the wilds of the Bavarian Schwarzwald and is currently battling orcs and kobolds in an attempt to return to civilization and marzipan.  In the meantime, watch film critic Jay Sherman battle Kaiju and diabetes in another heartwarming episode of The Critic.  

New episode next Tuesday!

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107 - Esmerelda Athena May as Catwoman

Show Schedule:  Victoria Belmont will be appearing at Alternatease in Boston from August 15 - 17 (performing Friday night), while our resident whipmaster Arson will perform with Karnevil at the Stone Pony on Friday, August 23.

This week on the podcast - we begin our photo recaps of Otakon.  Esmerelda Athena May is this week's feature performer.  She pursues the mysterious red laser pointer dot as that most feline of antiheriones -Catwoman!

Music:  "One Way Or Another" by Blondie, from the album Parallel Lines

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106 - Fonda Feeling as Catherine Bloom

Show schedule:  Otakon is this weekend!  Come catch us on Friday night at Panel Room 2 at 11pm.  For those of you who can't line up early enough, the con has set up an overflow room.  Check out the Otakon website for details!

After Otakon:  Fonda Feeling shakes it at Punk Rockin' and Pastie Poppin' Vol VIII: Psycho Beach Party at the Midway Cafe in Boston on August 12.  Scarlet Stepford twirls or dies at Hotsy Totsy Burlesque's Game of Tassels on August 20 at the R Bar in Manhattan.

This week on the podcast:  our very own circus sweetie got some Mobile Suit skills.  Fonda Feeling shows off her sensually acrobatic side as Gundam Wing's Catherine Bloom!

Music:  "Circus" by Britney Spears, from the album Circus

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