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Episode 41 - Fantasie D. Light as Chii

Technology...moves so damned quickly these days, doesn't it?  Pong, Nintendo, the's really only a matter of time until we get actual Persocoms.  Computers built like cute girls...hmmmm, might be a bit distracting.  Especially if they're built like our performer this week.  From Cleveland, the lovely, the talented Fantasie D. Light does some websurfing for us as everyone's favorite Chobit - Chii!

Music:  "Let Me Be With You" by Round Table featuring Nino, from the album April.

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Episode 40 - Victoria Belmont as Vriska Serket

Just what in the hell is Homestuck?  I don't get it.  I tried reading through one-a-them MS Paint Adventures and got lost in a pesterlogsomewhere.  Maybe the wiki can help me.  Nope, just made my headache worse.

Whatever the case, I never thought I'd get turned on by a troll...but then I saw this act and suddenly silver paint is awfully arousing.  This week, Victoria Belmont shows us her doomsday devices as Homestuck's Vriska Serket!

Music:  "Me So Horny" as performed by Revolting Cocks, from the album Got Cock?

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Episode 39 - Esmerelda Athena May as Abby Sciuto

The sexy, who doesn't love one?   The lab coat, the awkwardness, the slow, smouldering looks over the centrifuge, the lingering touches as you pass the micropippetor...

Plus, the latex gloves.  And test tubes.  You know, all the staples of a great Friday night in the lab, when anything and everything can happen.

This week, we present one of the great scientists of television - the very lovely forensic scientist of NCIS.  Our very own sultry brunette Esmerelda Athena May brings us the one, the only - Abby Sciuto!

Music:  "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby, from the album The Golden Age of Wireless.

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Episode 38 - ICON 31 Sneak Peek

Hey kids!  Like movies?  Like the characters in the movies?  Would ya like to see those characters do some naughty things on stage?  Would you like to see your favorite Cosplay Burlesque performers being those naughty characters?  Then come on down to the Bowery Poetry Club this Tuesday, April 10, for Geek Girl Productions' Pasties and Popcorn show!  Featuring Victoria Belmont (as Holly Ween), Esmerelda Athena May, and Kriv Scrivello from CPB, plus CPB Guest Performer Little Miss Rollerhoops - this show is going to knock your socks off!

Onto this week's episode - ICON 31!  Hidden in the wilds of Long Island is a great convention devoted to all things Science Fiction.  We have a great time every year at this con, and this year, we're devoting an entire episode to just showing you snippets of the whole show. Sit back, relax, and make sure your grandmother can clearly see, as we bring you the ICON 31 Preview!

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Episode 37 - Fonda Feeling as Misa Misa

Hey guys!  We had a great time at ICON 31!  Thanks to the great staff and the terrific audience!  Between the girls at stage left hootin' and hollerin' at every little thing and Dr. Frankenfurter joining in, ICON has become one of our favorite places to be!

Now, CPB's next full show is scheduled for AnimeNext 2012, which is in June.  However, you can see many of CPB's great performers working with other troupes in the tri-state area.  For instance, on April 10, Victoria Belmont and Esmerelda May will be performing with Geek Girl Productions for the Pasties & Popcorn show.  Also, CPB performers can be seen with the White Elephant Burlesque Society at the Steampunk Worlds Fair from May 18 -20.  

Onto this week's feature!  We won't be at AnimeBoston this year, but that doesn't mean we can't bring Boston to Cosplay Burlesque!  Back from Beantown and ready to rock your world, Fonda Feeling comes us as Misa Misa from Death Note!

Music:  "Sweet Sour" by Band of Skulls, from the album Sweet Sour.

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