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129 - Vish Voux as Harley Quinn

Show Schedule:  

 - Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week on the podcast, we are happy to introduce Vish Voux as that happiest of Arkham Asylum inmates - Harley Quinn!

Music: "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, from the album The Fame Monster

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122 - Melodic Suki as Harley Quinn

Show Schedule:

- Katsucon 20:  Feb 14 - 16, National Harbor, MD - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

Wicked Faire 2014:  Feb 21 - 23, Somerset, NJ.  (Members of Cosplay Burlesque will perform with the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

Zenkaikon 2014:  April 25 - 27, Lancaster, PA - Official Cosplay Burlesque Show!

This week - the podcast returns with a debut!  As our hosts strive to solve the murder mystery, everyone's favorite doctor-turned-psycho twirls on to keep the show en pointe.  We are proud to introduce Melodic Suki to the ranks of Cosplay Burlesque as she struts her stuff as Harley Quinn!

Music:  "Funhouse" by Pink, from the album Funhouse

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117 - Introducing Mika Romantic as Lust

Show Schedule:

Thursday, Nov 7: Allen Ryde will perform at the Opening Reception for ERO5, Gallery 788's 5th Annual Erotic Art Show, Baltimore.

Nov. 15 - 17:  The White Elephant Burlesque Society will host a panel at the Geek Creation Show in Piscataway, NJ

This week on the podcast:  We are very pleased to announce a new beauty to the ranks of Cosplay Burlesque.  She's bringing classic burlesque to nerd burlesque.  Get ready to paw at your monitors - Mika Romantic is going to burn up your screens as Full Metal Alchemist's Lust!

Music:  "Can't Get Next To You" performed by Al Green, from the album Al Green Gets Next To You

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112 - Lord Maxwell as Dr. Zed (with Victoria, Esmerelda, Cherry, Murdernurse, & Nana)

Show Schedule:

10/4 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque's Holly Ween's Horror Fest 2 at Millhill Basement in Trenton, NJ

10/5 - Looking Glass Revue's Hallow-Wicked on Main at Lee Gribben's on Main in Easmus, PA

10/12 - Woodbridge Ghost Walk in Woodbridge, NJ

10/13 - International Steampunk City at Historic Speedwell in Morristown, NJ (featuring the White Elephant Burlesque Society)

This week on the podcast - in my dreams, I am surrounded by sultry brunettes, slinky blondes, and fiery redheads.  However, these lovlies usually SURVIVE my dreams.  Welcome Lord Maxell to Cosplay Burlesque, as he racks up the malpractice suits as everyone's favorite Fyrestone medico - Doctor Zed!

With able assistance from Victoria Belmont, Esmerelda May, Cherry E. Valentine, Murder Nurse, and Nana Valtiel

Music:  "Doctor's Orders" from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Catch Me If You Can, available on Amazon and iTunes

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85 - Introducing Amy Macabre as "Ash Ketchum"

Shows!  Look for Cosplay Burlesque at Zenkaikon (March 22 - 24 in Lancaster, PA) and for CPB performers at the PA Burlesque Festival (March 9 - 10 in Philly) and The Twisted World's Divine Decadence (April 26 - 28 in Somerset, NJ).

This week - we introduce a new performer to CPB's ranks!  Welcome the bubbly and oh-so-comely Amy Macabre as she catches the little monsters in our "pockets" as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!

Music:  "Ass & Titties" by DJ Assault, album Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Music:  "Pokemon Theme" and "2.B.A. Master," album Pokemon: 2.B.A. Master

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