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111 - AnimeUSA 2013 Saturday Recap

Show Schedule:

9/28 - White Elephant Burlesque 7th Anniversary Celebration at ATC Studios

9/29 - NYCC Pre-Party Steampunk & Cosplay Shoot-out at Roxy & Dukes

10/3 - Dr. Sketchy's Zombie Sketchy at Asbury Lanes

10/4 - Brunswick Basement Burlesque's Holly Ween's Horror Fest 2 at Millhill Basement

10/5 - Looking Glass Revue's Hallow-Wicked on Main at Lee Gribben's on Main

This week on the podcast - we recap the Saturday night show AnimeUSA 2013.  Who killed Mr. E?  It's a total mystery!  (hur hur, get it?)

Music:  "Stormy Clouds (Raindrop Mix)" by DJ Krush with Ken Shima, from the album: Stepping Stones:  The Self-Remixed Best

Music:  "You Can Be The Boss" by Lana Del Rey, available on Youtube.

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110 - AnimeUSA 2013 Friday Recap

UPDATE:  Episode 110 has been reposted.  Enjoy!

Show schedule:  This Saturday - Sept 21 - in New Brunswick, check out Brunswick Basement Burlesque at the Court Tavern, featuring Holly Ween (aka Victoria Belmont).  On Sept 28, check out the best theatrical burlesque troupe in New Jersey at the White Elephant Burlesque Society's 7th Anniversary Celebration at ATC Studios in Clifton, NJ!

This week on the podcast - we recap the Friday night show at AnimeUSA 2013 with a timelapse study and public domain music goodness!

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No Episode This Week

Dr. A/V-sian and Fearless Leader - in a twist that would do Ken Jeong proud - woke up stark naked in the trunk of an abandoned car.  The wasteland of West Texas surrounds us.  We'll be back next week with a new episode recounting some of our adventures at AnimeUSA!

In the meantime, watch RunnyRunny999 cook awesome Japanese food.

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109 - Nana Valtiel as Auron

Show Schedule:  Join Fonda Feeling as she leads a bevy of Backbay burlesque beauties in Geek Girl Boston Burlesque's Cult Classics September Spooktacular on Sept 14 at Club OBERON in Cambridge.  

Or, if you're in the Philly area that night, head over to JC Dobbs to see Murder Nurse rock out with her band Navimada!

Then hop in your car and drive down to DC for AnimeUSA 2013, featuring TWO full Cosplay Burlesque shows!

This week on the podcast:   You've never seen a monk like this - so mysterious, so complex, so SEXY.  Nana Valtiel genderbends for your Final Fantasy pleasure as Auron!

Music:  "Otherworld" by Black Mages, from the album Black Mages 2:  The Skies Above

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