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139 - Saikoucon 2014 Recap

Show Schedule:
  - Sept 19:  Looking Glass Revue, Quakertown, PA - ft. Mika Romantic before she leaves for Milan
  - Sept 19:  D20 Burlesque's Tribute to Japan, NYC - ft. Holly Ween
  - Sept 25:  Serial Killer Burlesque 5, Brooklyn - ft. Holly Ween
  - Oct 1:  Beauty & Brains Burlesque, Philadelphia - ft. Holly Ween AGAIN
  - Oct 3 & 4:  AnimeUSA 2014, Washington, DC - OFFICIAL COSPLAY BURLESQUE SHOW - 2 NIGHTS!

This week on the podcast - in late August, Cosplay Burlesque was honored to help inaugurate a new show in the Lehigh Valley.  Join Cherry Valentine, Esmerelda May, Murder Nurse, Oliver Swisskey, Melodic Suki, Mika Romantic, Mei Mei, Triple Jay, host Uncle Yo, and Fearless Leader Holly Ween as they took Saikoucon's burlesque cherry!

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