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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian has been lost in the wilds of the Bavarian Schwarzwald and is currently battling orcs and kobolds in an attempt to return to civilization and marzipan.  In the meantime, watch film critic Jay Sherman battle Kaiju and diabetes in another heartwarming episode of The Critic.  

New episode next Tuesday!

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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian is hanging out at dockside bars this week.  In the meantime, why not enjoy some public service announcements from the Joes of the GI?

From the fine folks at Fensler Films.

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No episode this week

Dr. A/Vsian has been in the laboratory conjuring up different ways of using his fancy camera setup, so there will be no episode this week. Tune in next Tuesday for the next exciting episode of Cosplay Burlesque!  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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Dr. A/Vsian is a Dickbutt

Too much single-malt, rave, partying, and Amish have taken their toll on the good Doctor.  He is currently in the corner, cycling through recovery mode.  He will post up the Zenkaikon recap as soon as he's done defragmenting.

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Dr. A/Vsian spent the weekend with more burlesque babes and models than he can shake a stick at with more cameras than YOU can ossicillate a branch towards.  This week's episode will go up Monday night.  Sorry!

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Episode 50 delayed

We're so sorry!  Due to technical difficulties, the podcast will be delayed by a few days.  It should be up by Tuesday night.  Sumimasen!

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Episode 48 will be delayed

Hey fans, we had a great time at AnimeNext 2012!  Unfortunately, our podcast editor Dr. A/V-sian had to work all weekend when he wasn't busy filming us performing or doing panels, so this week's episode will be delayed.  We promise to beat him silly when he's finally awake enough to feel it.  We're really sorry - sumimasen!  

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