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New show schedule!

We've made a command decision here at Cosplay Burlesque.  Since Dr. A/Vsian's been slacking, we've decided that he should spend weekends working on the CPB Farm, where sequins are grown on trees and the thong fields need hoing. 

Therefore, new episodes of Cosplay Burlesque will drop on Tuesday mornings from here on out.  That way, Dr. A/Vsian can work on picking pasties on Saturdays, churning body glitter on Sundays, and then spend Mondays in his gimp box working on the podcast.  

New episode on Tuesday!

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Holly Ween's Horrorfest - featuring Victoria Belmont, Murder Nurse, and Moxie Cat!

Hey guys - if you're near NYC Tuesday the 11th, then come on by the Bowery Poetry Club to see Geek Girl Productions'  Holly Ween's Horrorfest!  Victoria Belmont be hosting and performing as her alias Holly Ween, doing her infamous Elvira act and shaking it for you all to see! 

Murder Nurse will be there as well, doing her best to raise the dead.  Troupe newcomer Moxie Cat performs as well, along with Attica Wilde and Jess Distress.  Juliet Jeske will be co-hosting as one of her hilarious characters!

Show starts at 10.  That's Tuesday, Oct 11, at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.  Holly Ween's Horrorfest, a Geek Girls Production.  See you there! 

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Victoria Belmont with WEBS and Geek Girls at Say My Name Benefit

Those of you around the NYC area tomorrow night (that's Thursday, Oct. 6) will want to check out the Say My Name Benefit for Aaron Haro and his partner.  Aaron is a transgender man who was recently fired for VERY dubious reasons related to his gender identity.  The proceeds of this benefit will go towards a fund allowing Aaron and his partner to legally change their names.

Our fearless leader Victoria Belmont will be performing in this three-way co-production between longtime Cosplay Burlesque collaborators White Elephant Burlesque Society and Geek Girl Productions (headed by former CPB performer Lo Hung) and queer-owned and -operated Crimson Kitty Productions (headed by an inaugural CPB performer N).  The lineup for this show is awesome:

  • Betsy Radical (WEBS regular)
  • Femme Fae LaButche (WEBS co-founder)
  • Honor Amongst Thieves 
  • JZ Bich 
  • Minnie Cupcakes 
  • Minne d’Moocha 
  • N (Crimson Kitty founder and inaugural CPB performer)
  • Regina Stargazer (WEBS regular, official Geek Girl  and CPB guest performer)
  • Victoria Belmont (CPB founder, official Geek Girl, and WEBS regular)
  • Viktor Devonne (WEBS founder)

If you can't make the show, donations are still welcome (see the event link).  

Come out, support a good cause, and help us take one more step towards LGBT  equality.

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