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136 - Utena Shadow Girl ft. The Ladies of Cosplay Burlesque

Show Schedule:

- Looking Glass Revue:  July 17, Broadway Social, Bethlehem, PA

- Brunswick Basement Burlesque:  July 25, The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ

- Saikoucon:  August 22 - 24, Breinigsville, PA - OFFICIAL COSPLAY BURLESQUE SHOW!

This week on the podcast - I wonder how we got so many freakin' hotties on stage at once for this act.  The fire marshal is supposed to shut down fire hazards, right?  The Ladies of Cosplay Burlesque present The Shadow Girl from Revolutionary Girl Utena!

featuring Holly Ween as the Shadow Girl, backed up by Melodic Suki, Mika Romantic, Esmerelda May, Fonda Feeling, and Cherry E. Valentine.

Music:  "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benetar, from the album Get Nervous, available from Amazon and iTunes

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