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144 - Mitsuki as Rias Gremory

Fundraiser update!

Fundraiser Update!


(We like to be subtle here at Cosplay Burlesque. That's why we have all the glitter and rhinestones.)

This week's new lovelies are:
 - Mitsuki as the devilishly delightful "Rias Gremory"!  
 - Manly McBeardface stepping into the spotlight as the very manly "Snow Villiers"!

These two prints are in their final week of availability:
 - Nana Valtiel as "Aquarius" - Available through May 17
 - Oliver Swisskey as "Superboy" - Available through May 19

We also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION, a GENTS COLLECTION, and a LADIES COLLECTION available at steep discounts!   

This week on the podcast - in honor of her print run starting, we feature the demonically delicious Mitsuki as Rias Gremory!

Music:  "Trip - Innocent of D -" by Larval Stage Planning.  CD available at

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